Distribution Categories Selection Advice

When selecting distribution categories try to be as specific as possible whilst also ensuring you cover all of the relevant industry topics and geographical areas. This will mean that your release will be distributed to all of the relevant publications that might be interested in covering your news, but will not being sent to those editors that will not find the story to be of interest.


A release regarding a new mobile game for example could be sent to the following categories within Telecom:

Telecom - General
Telecom - Mobile
Telecom - Mobile Content
Telecom - Mobile Gaming
Telecom - Wireless

Publications covering mobile gaming specifically would not receive the release if only Telecom - Mobile and Telecom - Wireless has been selected.

The editors of sites in the following categories would however not wish to receive a release about a new mobile game:

Telecom - Mobile 2.0
Telecom - Mobile Gambling
Telecom - Mobile Marketing