PDF of coverage permission

PDF of Coverage Permission
RealWire seeks permission from the websites we work with to create a PDF copy of coverage achieved following the distribution of press releases through our service. RealWire does not offer any type of monitoring only service, but does offer monitoring of coverage related to press releases issued.

PDFs creating through RealWire are subject to strict guidelines and restrictions that clients agree to through our terms of service. These restrictions and guidelines are as follows:

Why does RealWire want permission to create PDFs of coverage?
RealWire primarily reports coverage by URL, directing clients directly to the websites that have covered a given story. However we also like to be able to make a PDF copy of coverage available in coverage reports for those clients that wish to use them.

What does a PDF of coverage look like?
An example of a PDf of coverage can be found here. Please note that we use a specific template to create all PDFs and are therefore unable to build in any custom requirements.

What do the answers all mean?
Permission Granted - you give RealWire permission to create PDF copies of coverage that relate to press releases issued through the RealWire service.
Permission Denied - you do not give this permission, in which case no PDFs will ever be created.
Unavailable - RealWire's default setting to signify that no answer has yet been obtained. In this case no PDFs of coverage are ever created.
Subscription required - indicates that your website requires registration or subscription in order to view articles/news items, in which case PDFs cannot be created. RealWire never gives a client any access in any way to coverage through a company registration or subscription.
NLA License Required - your website is covered by the Newspaper Licensing Authority. In this case PDFs of coverage are never created.

I have a question about this - who should I contact?
If you'd like to discuss this further, please contact Jonathan Dolby at jonathan@realwire.com, or on +44 (0)1522 883640.