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Binary Resource launches new webinar series


- Practical, online training on Hardware-Independent Imaging –

Binary Resource UK, part of the company that originally developed Ghost (now owned by Symantec Corporation), has announced the launch of an online training programme on the topic of Hardware-Independent Imaging.

Working with VMWare, Symantec’s Ghost Solution Suite, DeployAnywhere, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Big Bang’s Universal Imaging Utility, the series of four, 90-minute webinars increases participants’ understanding of the benefits of hardware-independent Images (HII’s), best practices for achieving HI Image files, whilst teaching them how to effectively use these tools to create HII’s.

Annette Dow, director of Binary Resource UK, commented: “We at Binary know the cloning space well, having spent over a decade bringing innovative network imaging software and training to the IT industry. 

“The concept of Hardware-Independent (HI) Imaging is simple: it’s the process of creating a master clone (or Image) of one machine that can then be successfully deployed to multiple machines, regardless of the configuration of the target machine. Most Windows-based imaging products are now claiming the ability to create HI Images and frankly, there is a lot of confusion in the industry around which products really achieve what results. Our new webinar series enables IT personnel to quickly learn about HI Image creation.”

The webinars consist of a visual portion conducted via a web conference and an audio portion conducted via a teleconference. Participants see and hear the procedures being undertaken and are provided with the documentation to allow them to implement the procedures in their own test environment as the Trainer presents them. Participants may ask live questions during and at the end of each webinar.

Dow added: “Not only does this programme provide a unique learning opportunity for IT personnel, our delivery format also takes account of the fact that many travel budgets have been frozen and with the down-sizing of IT teams, time away from the office is not an option. It’s a win/win situation – they get the skills whilst sitting in their office and the skills enable them to minimize the number of Image files they need to maintain, thus saving significant time, energy and resources.”

For further information on the new webinar series, please visit