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Press Release

RiverMuse Gifts Open Source Fault Management System to the Service Management Community


- RiverMuse’s agile architecture is designed specifically to support modern service delivery infrastructures with the lowest total cost of ownership possible
- Gifted as open source allowing the community to evolve solutions in line with requirements, independent of vendor strategy
- Emulates functionality found in popular legacy fault management systems, from major vendors, differentiated by agile innovation
- Innovations provide improved economics to support virtualized and abstracted service delivery infrastructures

28th July, 2009: Today, RiverMuse ( launches an enterprise class open source fault management platform built upon a next generation architecture designed around maintaining a very low total cost of ownership when applied to modern service delivery infrastructures.

RiverMuse’s agile architecture is specifically designed to support virtualized and abstracted network infrastructures where constant change and complexity of business logic administration typically means an increased cost of ownership that is significantly higher than the realizable benefits. 


The visionaries behind RiverMuse include: Philip Tee, Predrag (Fred) Mutavzdic, and Mike Silvey, who were the team behind the inventions of Micromuse and RiverSoft (now IBM Tivoli Netcool and HP OpenView Advanced Edition) and Phil Blades, one of the first Netcool customers and a pioneer of the early service management community.


The team recognized that the management of today’s service delivery infrastructures needed a new approach to management tools, in terms of

- platform architecture: to allow cost effective support of modern infrastructures and,
- breadth of application functionality: offering every customer what they specifically need when they need it.

This inspired them to invent a next generation agile architecture and gift the platform to the service management community to enhance features and extend functionality, thus enabling delivery at the time customers require them – removing the dependence on vendor roadmaps and business principles.

Gifting RiverMuse as Open Source marks a significant change of approach in the service management arena. Features and functionality within the RiverMuse offering will evolve in line with the needs of modern service delivery infrastructure requirements.

Guardians of Service Level Management will now benefit from an enterprise class agile architecture without compromising on functionality or suffering the stealth tax in the form of increased administration charges, since RiverMuse sets a new standard in total cost of ownership.

Background - Current Challenges for Fault Management Users
Fault management is not a new discipline, however innovation has stagnated at the expense of increased administration complexity. Where once, root-cause analysis (RCA) tools reduced the time to isolate faults in client-server architectures, RCA is ineffective in modern virtualized and densely abstracted service delivery infrastructures due to the inability to codify the environment.

Although legacy fault management tools do enable their users to isolate the wood from the trees, maintaining business logic rule integrity is costly to manage in-line with service delivery infrastructure changes.

The RiverMuse next generation agile fault management architecture has been specifically designed to reduce the total cost of ownership in the management of service delivery infrastructures that include virtualization, web based and SOA solutions, abstracted platforms and networking technologies such as MPLS.

“We researched a lot of options that would deliver the levels of evolvement and fault maintenance required by the modern day enterprise. It made the most sense to create an offering that was built by the very people who work in the environments that rely on it most - and therefore have the insight to preempt and plug problems. In effect, our system is built for its users by its users,” says Phil Tee, Chief Scientist.

For Fault Management, designed with agility in mind, RiverMuse aims to:

- Significantly lower investment in cash and resources required to commission and maintain the fault management solution
- Automatic and dynamic adaptability of business logic as the managed service delivery infrastructure and business process integration CMDB and lookup documents are changed
- Low risk deployment, with all message content and business logic integrity protected
- Elimination of dependencies of vendor product release cycles and customer size
- Data architecture that is entirely event driven, meaning that business process integration is less complex than traditional models while being easier and less costly to maintain

Chris Schaft, President of US-based MKAdvantage, Inc. praises the new architecture; ‘We are ecstatic to finally see a viable, open suite of software that addresses the fault management space.  We look forward to seeing RiverMuse become ‘the Linux of Enterprise Management’.‘The ability to fulfill customer feature demands through an expert community, supported by a team and partners with such fantastic pedigrees, really separates RiverMuse and its approach from the rest.’ Patrick Buttimer, Chief Executive Officer, Eirteic Consulting

The RiverMuse Core is available for download at  starting at 5pm on 28th July.

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The RiverMuse blog can be found here


Notes to editors

About RiverMuse
RiverMuse was established in 2008 by the original founders of Micromuse (Netcool) and RiverSoft, whose inventions assure over 90% of public and private internet infrastructures today; these inventions are more recognizable perhaps as IBM Tivoli Netcool, Omnibus and Precision, IP Manager, Cisco InfoCentre and HP OpenView Advanced Edition.

The founding members are a group of individuals with over 100 years experience in the fault management space.  They recognized that modern service delivery infrastructures demanded a new, agile approach – and that it is not enough to expect a single software company to meet all customer requirements - so RiverMuse puts the community at the centre of this next wave in Fault Management solutions.

For more information please contact:
Georgina Firth, Brainstormhour PR,, T: 0044 7778 241 333