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Work accidents to fall, says Claims Helpline


The number of personal injury claims filed against employers as a result of slips, trips and falls may decline as a result of the passing of a new motion stating that women should be allowed to wear comfortable shoes at work, Claims Helpline has announced.

The UK based claims firm has stated today, that it agrees with the move as not only has wearing high heels on a regular basis been proven to be a health risk, but it also increases the likeliness of suffering injuries from a fall.

According to Director, James Blackmore of Claims Helpline, the move, introduced by The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, may reduce the number of work accident claims made as a result.

Blackmore explains: “Wearing high heels regularly can lead to a number of injuries be it minor or severe. Injuries incurred as a result of a fall are more likely to be worse if you are wearing high heels as the individual is more likely to suffer from injuries such as a sprained ankle to a torn ligament or a fracture.”

“With a large percent of employers focusing more on finances rather than the health and safety in the workplace as a result of the recession, wearing high heels in a busy working environment can result in an increase in personal injuries through falls or other mishaps.” 

He adds: “Our specialist advisors at Claims Helpline has been faced with a number of enquires regarding high heels in the past. With workers being given the option to wear comfortable shoes rather than being forced to wear heels, the chances of suffering injuries related to wearing high heels will reduce, as a result, so will the number of work accident claims.”

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