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iQuate to showcase Oracle License Compliance Solution at Oracle OpenWorld


Companies who do not maintain an accurate view of all Oracle software deployed on their networks can waste millions because of erroneous license declarations. Attendees at the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld will have a direct opportunity to see the latest breakthrough in agentless inventory software from iQuate ( which helps to solve this problem.

iQSonar from iQuate helps Oracle customers to:

a) Automate the discovery of all Oracle software deployed throughout their business
b) Maintain an accurate and detailed picture of Oracle deployment and usage
c) Reduce compliance risks and avoid unexpected costs

All Oracle customers must ensure they are appropriately licensed for the Oracle software deployed across their IT estate. However, the range of platforms involved (physical and virtual), database options, CPU multi-core factors, application configurations plus a range of license models create a very complex matrix which is difficult to understand and manage.

iQuate CEO, Patrick Durkin, comments that “companies expend massive amounts of time and effort to ensure they employ strong Asset Management procedures. Even so, many are surprised when reporting on Oracle deployment and usage as they either don’t have the specific data required easily available, or worse, the information they have is incorrect.”

Most tools that are traditionally used for discovering and analysing software deployment fail to gather the variety of data necessary to fully support Oracle license reconciliation. Many of these legacy tools require the installation of software (an agent) on the servers that are to be scanned which can cause major disruption and require widespread change management approval. The result is poor or inaccurate information on the actual Oracle deployment position.

iQSonar from iQuate overcomes those problems. It is typically installed in minutes, delivers agentless scanning of all devices and can be extended to retrieve any data required for licensing from any device (e.g. physical and virtual hardware details, user information, usage metering, etc.). Within hours, iQSonar will discover all Oracle instances on your network and help you to deliver an accurate deployment declaration, including auto-population of an Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW).

During August, iQuate worked with a government client who had spent several weeks manually gathering an inventory of their Oracle deployment. Just before they submitted the data to Oracle for reconciliation, they deployed iQSonar to automatically scan their network. Within a few hours, iQSonar had helped them identify inaccuracies in their manual declaration that would have amounted to $1.4 million overspend as well as indentifying several under-licensed deployments.

“License compliance is a fact of life for everyone. iQSonar removes an enormous amount of pain, risk and cost from the process by delivering fast, accurate information about the Oracle software deployed on your network” says Durkin.

Contacting iQuate
Oracle OpenWorld:
Stand 3242, Moscone West (Mon-Wed, Oct 12th-15th)
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