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Navigation market leader Telmap brings navigation to iPhone with NAVTEQ


Key step in enabling mass adoption of mobile navigation

LONDON, October 29, 2009 – Navigation market leader, Telmap, has used its unique navigation technology and NAVTEQ’s superior global map data, to bring a comprehensive mobile search, mapping and navigation solution for the iPhone, thus enabling mass adoption of mobile navigation. The strength of NAVTEQ lies in its experience as the leading global provider of digital maps, driving a mobile world with more than 100 million uses per day.  The Telmap solution relies on its openness and flexibility, enabling operators to provide an offering that can provide NAVTEQ’s global map coverage, with access to rich content, live traffic, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, both in-car and pedestrian modes, and more.  The first two launches of this solution are the MapQuest Navigator that was announced on October 7, 2009, and Orange Maps in France that was announced on October 19, 2009, with more launches expected to be announced across the globe by leading tier 1 operators.


“This solution enables mobile operators to provide operator-branded navigation solutions with global coverage, local content and real-time features to iPhone users,” said Oren Nissim, CEO, Telmap. “The advanced solution brings together technology, openness and coverage to make search, mapping and navigation relevant, effective and suitable for different types of people in different parts of the world.”

Telmap Navigator for iPhone leverages the iPhone’s advanced user experience, and enables users to be set-up and navigating within seconds. It provides users with real-time, relevant and localized service and some of its key features include:
• ONE winning application: All-in-one solution including in-car navigation, dedicated pedestrian navigation, local search and content with an easy Tap ‘n’ Go experience
• Real-time turn-by-turn navigation with 3D moving maps, voice and text instructions announcing street names, real-time traffic information and Points of Interests such as gas stations and parking lots along the way
• The Place Carousel, a palette of on-map widgets of popular business categories, such as hotels, cafes etc. – provides local points of interest though a Tap ‘n’ View search
• Full route corridor download that is conducted at the beginning of the navigation session, enabling quick and seamless re-routing when necessary with no need to re-connect to the server.

The advantages of Telmap’s mobile navigation solution, as opposed to on-board solutions, centers on its ability to deliver server based information on location, points of interest, live traffic reports and more. Because Telmap’s solution only requires a thin-client on the iPhone handset, all of the intensive calculations and map data can be stored server-side, meaning that the maps and information that are sent to the handset are up-to-date and the application is light, allowing simple and fast download to the iPhone.

Using highly accurate digital map data from NAVTEQ, Telmap is able to offer from the outset a very broad international solution delivering global coverage and access to points of interest without the need to initially download or pay for extra modules. In addition, the Telmap solution is open to integrate any local and premium content, enabling operators to provide localized services, such as real-time traffic and speed camera alerts, as well as 3rd party content like local restaurant guide, special shops or local events. Telmap also allows seamless integration with operators billing systems. The result is a rich, localized, search, mapping and navigation service that provides relevant and timely information to users while they are on the move.

 “As the leading provider of map, traffic and location data, we are proud to be involved with Telmap and this extension to the iPhone space,” said Serge Bussat, vice president, Consumer Sales, Europe NAVTEQ. “We see this as an important step in enabling turn-by-turn navigation for mobile solutions for mass adoption.”

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Notes to Editors

About Telmap
Telmap is a world leader in location solutions. The company has established a solid reputation for providing its customers with innovative, value added mapping and navigation solutions that open new business opportunities and generate new revenue streams. Telmap has a unique end-to-end solution including a mobile location companion, a complementary web companion, robust location platform with a set of APIs to support its customers in delivering a strong LBS strategy. The company’s flagship product, Telmap5 is the world’s first personalized location companion integrating innovative and patented technologies including Telmap Active Interface, Telmap Active Search and Telmap Active Widgets.

Telmap is the #1 choice of location solution and its technology has been selected by leading industry players Orange FT Group, Vodafone, Vodacom, SFR, O2, AOL, Pelephone, Carphone Warehouse and more.

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Anne Ligory
T: +44 (0) 20 7751 4444

About Navteq
NAVTEQ is the leading global provider of digital map, traffic and location data that enables navigation and location-based platforms around the world.  NAVTEQ supplies comprehensive digital map information to power automotive navigation systems, portable and wireless devices, Internet-based mapping applications and government and business solutions.  The Chicago-based company was founded in 1985 and has approximately 4,400 employees located in 192 offices and in 43 countries.

NAVTEQ is a trademark in the U.S. and other countries. All rights reserved.