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A free and simple way to transfer your contacts to your new mobile phone


Using MoZoop you can save time, hassle and all your contact information

Nottingham, November 16th 2009: One of the most frightening issues for someone buying a new mobile phone is the thought of losing all their contacts. In fact many people don’t get a new handset because the fear is too great.

MoZoop logo
MoZoop logo

Now, with MoZoop ( that fear is removed.

MoZoop is a free, online service that allows you to ‘zoop’ your contacts off your old handset and ‘zoop’ them down to your new one. It’s simple, efficient and best of all … free. Launched in time for Christmas, MoZoop is the stocking filler everyone with a new mobile phone should make sure they have.

To use the service, all you have to do is follow these five easy steps:

– Visit and tell us your old phone number - we'll send you a text message to get the process started
– Zoop Up - follow the simple instructions and we'll zoop your contacts up
– Tell us your new phone number - we'll send a text message to your new phone (you can use the same number if you're swapping your SIM into a new handset)
– Zoop Down - follow the simple instructions and we'll zoop your contacts down to your new phone
– Done - that's it, your contacts are now on your new phone.

It couldn’t be simpler.

If you’re expecting a new phone for Christmas you don’t have to worry about losing those important contacts anymore; you won’t have to send that mass SMS to everyone you’ve ever known asking them to reply to your new number; you won’t have to spend hours typing in each person’s details into your new phone and you definitely won’t have to secretly still use your old phone, just because your contacts are still on it.

Millions of new mobile phones are sold in the UK every year and Christmas is a popular time for people to treat themselves to a new handset. MoZoop is launching in time to help those people ensure that they don’t lose a single contact number.

“Many people struggle to get their valuable contacts onto their new phone, instantly creating a disappointing experience and making the new phone suddenly seem less exciting and usable,” said Neil Kilbride, Lead Developer for MoZoop. “We wanted to do something to help out anyone that is about to get a new phone and make the whole process easier for them.

“We’ve launched MoZoop as a free service simply because we think that it’s so useful – it fixes a real problem for thousands of users and we want as many people as possible to be able to use it,” Kilbride continued.

MoZoop is a free service and works on nearly all makes and models of mobile phone. Users can access it at to ‘zoop’ contacts up from their old handset and then ‘zoop’ them down to their new handset.

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About MoZoop
MoZoop ( is an online service that allows you to transfer your contacts from one mobile phone to another. It’s free and easy to use and takes just a few minutes.

The MoZoop service is being provided by Esendex ( the UK’s leading provider of Business SMS services, helping over 7,000 large and small businesses around the world.

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