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Live-Agent launches new Virtual Contact Centre (VCC) model that responds to changing nature of working Britain


On track to create 2,000 jobs in the next two years

Live-Agent UK, a new virtual contact centre (VCC) company, is challenging traditional outsourcers, bricks and mortar call centres and existing at home agent contact centres with a new flexible, simply and cost-effective model that combines the need for an ever-improving customer experience delivered at a lower cost.  This challenge comes in the form of a new home-based working model for call centre agents as well as an award-winning and flexible technology platform.  Live-Agent's VCC model is guaranteed to save on a company's existing approach.

Live-Agent is offering a new working model in response to the changing nature of today's working population by offering a new way of working that matches the desire for people to work more flexibly – both in terms of location, number of hours and the time of day those hours are worked.  The model of home-based agents provides a completely flexible resource pool for customers that can be pulled from anywhere in the country; at anytime of day or night; for any amount of time required.  Live-Agents are highly skilled and undergo an intensive recruitment process which is rarely seen in the contact centre space.  This results in significantly lower churn – on average 15% compared to the rest of the industry, which runs at about 80%.  This innovative model of matching flexible resources to business customer demands means that Live-Agent intends to attract over 2,000 agents in the next two years. These agents will set up as ‘Personal Service Companies’ providing real variety and flexibility in work.

To operate this innovative new business model, Live-Agent is deploying 'LiveOps’ On-Demand Contact Center Platform'.  This award-winning cloud computing based call centre platform provides a pay-per use solution that delivers enterprise grade reliability, security and scalability.  Live-Agent will be building on the 'LiveOps On-Demand Contact Center Platform' with its systems integration capability and other value-added related services. 

“We are pleased that Live-Agent chose 'LiveOps’s On-Demand Contact Center Platform' to build an innovative new work model for business and workers in Britain,” said Maynard Webb, chairman and CEO of LiveOps. “The flexibility of our technology platform provides benefits for both companies and workers that will open doors to new opportunities and better efficiency in how work is done.”

This new approach to contact centres breaks down the traditional model of capital intensive physical call centres with largely fixed overheads, to a cloud-based model supported by home-based agents, all on an operational cost basis.  Businesses could use Live-Agent for a fully out-sourced contact centre but equally use it to complement an existing bricks and mortar operation by using a VCC to focus on overflow calls, off-peak times, seasonal spikes or disaster recovery.  Live-Agent see the biggest growth opportunities in retail, financial services, e-commerce businesses, support service companies as well as the public sector.  Whilst all seemingly diverse markets they share a common requirement – to meet the needs of a changing customer base more efficiently and effectively.

This new Live-Agent model enables customer to have:

True Flexibility: implementation is simple and straightforward.  The VCC can be stand-alone with full functionality; run alongside a core physical contact centre to offer additional services or be a mix and match approach.  The service can be switched on or off as demand dictates.

Simplicity: Contact centres can be set up in a matter of days not weeks as the pre-qualified agents working from home mean set-up and operation is already in place

Cost effective: The on-demand model means customers only pay for what they use and have no initial capital outlay as they would with an owned contact centre. Live-Agent provides a range of flexible commercial models to suit individual business needs

Live-Agent managing director, Ian Traynor commented: "The contact centre market is changing and gone are the days of sweat shops with hundreds of people pressurised to make more and more calls.  Businesses are under significant pressures right now – many are experiencing a backlash around poor service delivery and customer experience, including those who choose to ‘offshore’ their service delivery to foreign climes, as well as the significant economic challenges forcing all to get the best results they can from their contact centres.  Live-Agent's flexibility facilitates the ‘sweet spot’ of becoming a differentiator either around customer service or sales and ‘Brand truth’ - this is something I know only too well from roles I've held at blue-chip financial services, utilities and telecoms companies in the past. 

Traynor continued: This is coupled with a changing approach to the way people want to work and the desire for greater flexibility.  This is an exciting scenario as we are able to offer services to our customers with extremely high quality agents at the right price.  We're attracting people from all walks of life and all locations – those returning to work post eg maternity leave; those with disabilities who would prefer to work in their home environment; individuals wanting to supplement their income with additional hours each week or those wanting to work flexibly around family commitments.  

Traynor concluded:  My view is that the VCC market has been somewhat tarnished in recent years with companies entering the space without the professionalism and robustness required. Understanding the needs of all stakeholders in this process and yet meeting the ever changing demands of customers will be central to the Live-Agent success story."

About Live-Agent
Live-Agent is a virtual contact centre company that was set up in December 2009.  The company provides a secure, proven and scalable virtual contact centre to help businesses move away from the traditional constraints associated with a physical call centre strategy.  Live-Agent is a trusted partner and reseller of the 'LiveOps On-Demand Contact Center Platform' ( in the UK and builds on it through systems integration capability and value added services.  Live-Agent's goal is to have a network of 2,000 home-based agents by the end of 2010.  The company is headed up by Ian Traynor who has previously held leadership roles with COLT Telecom, Abbey, Thus and Kingston Communications.  Further information is available at or follow Live-Agent on Twitter @LiveAgentUK.

For further information please contact:

Charlotte West
Beacon Communications
Tel: 07967 678315

Ian Traynor
Tel: 07909 926078