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TRAVELCLICK® Launches Revolutionary Business Intelligence Application


Hotelligence360™ set to radically transform hotel performance management and dramatically improve profitability for hoteliers
CHICAGO/MADRID (Fitur, January 20, 2010) — TRAVELCLICK®, the pioneer and continued market leader in intelligence for the hospitality industry, today launches Hotelligence360™, a revolutionary suite of interactive business intelligence applications.  The new solution will enable hotels to improve their financial performance by creating a platform of information that provides a foundation for greater knowledge of market dynamics and comprehensive decision-making.  The intuitive solution offers hoteliers a complete historical and forward-looking view of their performance versus their competitors’, enabling them to source new customers and maximize profit. 

Hotelligence360 is an integrated, multi-channel reservation, rate, and marketing intelligence application. It features an easy-to-understand interactive personalized dashboard, with an alert system that will surface key issues to the user’s dashboard, email, or mobile device—enabling quick action.  The application also allows hoteliers to forecast future trends and predict shifts in consumer patterns before they occur, giving users a clear competitive advantage.

“For the past 10 years, TRAVELCLICK has led the market in delivering business intelligence for the hotel industry,” said Robert Post, President and Chief Executive Officer of TRAVELCLICK.  “Our expert teams across the world have consistently taken a scientific approach to helping hotels find guests, fill rooms, and maximize revenue.  Business intelligence is imperative to improving a company’s probability of survival and prosperity, especially in these difficult times.  As the hotel industry begins to stabilize in 2010, early adopters of Hotelligence360 will have a clear advantage in their propensity to capture market share by driving their businesses forward—whether the hotelier is managing one hotel or a chain of hundreds or thousands.”

TRAVELCLICK Hotelligence360 is built using a world-class platform and engineered by industry pioneers to bring a distinctively different class of business intelligence to the hospitality industry.  It leverages the best technology and the brightest minds from industry leaders to provide world-class scalability, performance, and deeply integrated analytics. 

Giving Hotels the Competitive Edge
With Hotelligence360, hoteliers will have the ability to filter and closely examine specific information so that they can compare their hotel’s performance to a variety of competitors and analyze booking trends.  Guided analytics will enable users to isolate issues and identify opportunities so that they can make informed decisions, and:
• Reach new markets—By assessing multiple competitors across a range of criteria, hoteliers can look beyond their traditional competitive set to identify revenue opportunities that may have previously gone unnoticed.

• Act quickly to identify and reverse a downward trend—Data delivered frequently, in a simple, customized dashboard rather than a traditional Excel document, means hoteliers can easily and swiftly identify occupancy issues and react instantly to reverse the trend.  Hotelligence360 also provides proactive alerts about key issues to the dashboard, email, or mobile device.

• Build relationships—Insight from Hotelligence360 identifies travel agencies that are generating more business for the competition, enabling hoteliers to focus on changing agency behavior.

Hotelligence360 will launch with two editions:  Property Edition, covering individual property intelligence; and Enterprise Edition, providing complete cross-portfolio brand management and analysis designed for brands, ownership groups, and any entity managing disparate properties.

Hotelligence360’s standout features include:

• Frequently updated historical and future data integrated into a single application, providing complete information and actionable insights
• Dynamic dashboards highlighting key performance metrics in a visual way
• Proactive alerts that surface key issues to the dashboard, email, or mobile device 
• The ability to filter data and drill into details, enabling interaction with data to find answers
• Guided analytics that help users to isolate issues and identify opportunities
• Multiple comp sets comparing hotel performance to that of a variety of competitors and different business segments on demand

The Science Behind Hospitality Marketing
The launch of Hotelligence360 is a significant step from TRAVELCLICK’s industry-acclaimed Hotelligence product.  It will be an essential application for hoteliers around the world who are looking to manage and improve their performance.  With more than 40,000 users of its intelligence products, TRAVELCLICK has a deep understanding of the value of information and how it can be used to enhance market and financial performance.  Today, TRAVELCLICK’s Revenue Optimization Managers work with customers using information from the company’s robust business intelligence product suite to help refine strategies and identify opportunities.  TRAVELCLICK has a proven process of understanding a specific market’s dynamics, applying the right marketing strategies and channels, and converting bookings at the optimal value. 

TRAVELCLICK (, the leader in hotel ecommerce solutions, provides a continuous flow of high-value online bookings to hotels worldwide.  A uniquely comprehensive one-stop solution, TRAVELCLICK offers business intelligence, distribution, and digital marketing solutions delivered with personal attention and local market expertise.  With revenue optimization experts in every global market, we help our clients make better business decisions, generate greater demand from the right mix of channels, convert more shoppers to high-value guests, and increase revenue and profitability.  Serving the hospitality industry since 1999, TRAVELCLICK has more than 15,000 customers in 140 countries with offices in Baltimore, Barcelona, Chicago, Dubai, Houston, Phoenix, Melbourne, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Follow us on and
For more information about Hotelligence360 or to receive a demonstration of its capabilities, please visit or contact:
Katrina Pruitt-Andrews, TRAVELCLICK
+1 410 257 9154

Katie Moore, GolinHarris
+44 (0) 7818 424757

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