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ZTE Is A Winner At The Olympics

ZTE Corporation of China, global suppliers of advanced telecommunications infrastructure, has become the first winner at the Olympics.

OTE (The Greek Telecommunications Organisation) has awarded ZTE a preliminary approval certificate to signal the approval for the ZTE-supplied ADSL network – installed specially to provide broadband Internet services for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games – to go live.

“We were honoured to have been chosen by OTE as their strategic partner for the Olympic Games, which meant our involvement in a project that would see the eyes of the world upon us,” said ZTE European General Manager Cheng Jiang.

“Like the athletes themselves, our people are well trained and backed by the finest technology the world can provide. We and our colleagues at OTE always knew when and where the finishing tape was on this project and the approval of our work is our equivalent of a Gold Medal to us. I am very proud today of what ZTE has delivered”.

Under the contract, ZTE has helped OTE deploy an ADSL network covering 16 points in Athens. Using ZTE’s ADSL system, all Olympics facilities in Athens including main venue, international broadcasting center, news center, press village are able to access broadband Internet services throughout the event.

“On behalf of OTE, I would like to extend my special thanks to ZTE for your excellent product performance and your willingness to support the Olympic Games.” Mr. Andonacopoulos, CEO of OTE said. “I believe this is a good beginning for future cooperation between the two companies.” He also said.

ZTE began R&D in broadband access products in 1997. It was one of the earliest developers of China’s ADSL, VDSL, SHDSL, ADSL2+ standards. To date, ZTE has deployed over 7 million ports of DSL products in over 10 countries, including China, Greece, Thailand, India, Philippines, Hong Kong SAR and Pakistan. New developments see ZTE focused on constructing a win-win DSL value chain with operators and end-users.


For more information please contact Helen Lyman Smith or Brian Dolby on +44 (0)115 950 8399 or email or

About OTE: The Greek Telecommunications Organization (OTE) was established in 1949. It ranks among the top Groups of companies in Greece and the top ten telecommunications organizations in Europe. Its activities extend beyond the Greek frontiers into South-east European and Middle East markets. OTE is the largest Greek Group, with numerous subsidiaries such as COSMOTE and OTEnet which show impressive performances. OTE is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) and on the London and New York Stock Exchanges. The market value of the organizations' shares is currently estimated at 12 billion US $.

About ZTE: ZTE Corporation is China's largest listed telecommunications equipment provider specializing in offering customized network solutions for telecom carriers worldwide. The company develops and manufactures telecommunications equipment for fixed, mobile, data and optical networks, intelligent networks and next generation networks as well as mobile phones