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iriver unveils the H10 [5GB colour] – the most compact, lightweight pocket jukebox with colour display


Innovation packed into ultra-compact dimensions! The eye-catching iriver H10 features a built-in 1.5" colour display, intuitive touchpad navigation and a 5 GB micro-drive.

Eschborn, January 7, 2005. Perfection does not have to be heavyweight: 96 grams is all it takes. That is how little the H10 [5GB colour display] from iriver weighs. The leading provider of forward-looking portable audio and video solutions in the digital entertainment segment believes that the newcomer will write a new chapter in the unfolding history of MP3 players. This versatile all-rounder is the world's smallest, most lightweight pocket jukebox to feature a colour display. Moreover, it is the first of a whole family of products that will boast a new, high-grade aluminium design. The high-contrast display reproduces 260,000 colours and thanks to a built-in touchpad combined with a single tip-function, navigation could not be easier. A slide show function also lets users browse through their latest holiday snaps. The player's 1" micro-drive can hold up to 2,500 songs. The iriver H10 is available in four elegant colours – light silver, piedmont red, night-sky blue and anthracite

ingeniously simple – and simply ingenious!

Measuring just 95 x 54 x 15 mm, the H10 is only marginally bigger than a pack of cards but about half as thick. Its tiny size still leaves room for all kind of innovations that iriver has developed in response to feedback from its customers. To start with, a completely new operating concept with a built-in horizontal touchpad combined with a single tip-function, clearly arranged function keys and a well-designed user guidance system on the colour display, make it ingeniously simple to navigate through songs, pictures and text files alike. The high-quality 1.5" display also adds a welcome splash of colour to every musical experience. Why not set a slide show from your last Caribbean holiday to some reggae beats? The removable, rechargeable battery has sufficient staying power to deliver up to 12 hours' non-stop music. Furthermore, the iriver H10 copes effortlessly with text files in addition to music and photos with an integrated text viewer giving every owner of an H10 access to e books and lyrics.

Full integration of the iriver H10 in Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 makes life even easier – and makes this smart new device even more valuable. H10 users can manage multimedia content in all kinds of different ways. They also get high-speed access to Microsoft’s "Digital Media Hall", where they can browse through various online shops to purchase the songs they are looking for and download them straight to the player. Moreover, an auto sync function automatically synchronises music files and photos on the H10 with those on the user's PC.

New design concept
The iriver H10 is a guaranteed head-turner. A high-grade aluminum casing lends it a purist elegance that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Clearly and logically arranged controls blend in perfectly with the design, making it child's play to use. Brilliant metallic colours such as light silver, piemont red, night-sky blue and anthracite make the H10 a coveted possession for design enthusiasts too.

Versatile recording options
In typical iriver style, the H10 also includes a built-in FM tuner featuring automatic and manual channel search functions. Up to 20 radio stations can be preset. An antenna built into the headset ensures crystal-clear sound quality every time. The H10 can record radio programmes at any time – with real-time MP3 encoding and a timer function even lets users programme in advance to record a specific programme at a set time. The built-in microphone supports up to 45 hours' top-quality voice recording – a vast improvement on the 12-hour rating that is customary in the MP3 player segment. Users simply choose between three levels of quality (low, medium and high) without worrying about specific bit rates. In the same way, music albums can be transferred to the H10 via the line-in on the docking station (available separately). When hooked up to a stereo system or any other audio source, the pocket jukebox uses real-time encoding to convert songs to MP3 format. Here again, users can choose between three levels of quality.

Intelligent accessories
iriver has a series of well-designed accessories to accompany the H10.  These include a fold-out docking station with a line-in, a line-out and a socket to recharge both the fitted battery and a spare battery; spare rechargeable batteries in each colour; a bluetooth headset with controls for the key functions; a portable speaker system and an FM transmitter (owing to legal constraints, the FM transmitter will not be available in Europe). All accessories are available separately from the iriver website.

Package contents, price and availability
• iriver H10 [5GB colour]
• High-grade earphones (Sennheiser® MX 400)
• 18-pin USB adapter lead
• Power supply unit
• Carrying case with belt clip
• iriver Plus software for music management on PCs and Notebooks
• Detailed documentation, including a quick start guide and manual

The iriver H10 [5GB colour] has a recommended retail prices of £199.00 and will be in the shops in mid-January 2005.

New product family
The iriver H10 is the first member of a whole new product family. Two siblings are to follow in the months ahead. Like the H10, both newcomers will feature the same innovative operating concept, complete with colour display and touchpad. One of them is the H10 junior, a player that truly justifies the description - "small is beautiful". The smallest member of the family, barely larger than a Zippo lighter, will integrate a colour display and touchpad as well as all the features of the H10.  This flash player will include 2 GB of memory and deliver 60 hours' battery-operated playback. The new product family will be unveiled at CeBIT 2005 in Hanover.

about iriver:
iriver is the global premium lifestyle brand for Digital Entertainment enthusiasts. With its leading portable audio and video solutions, the company offers end-users a full range of high quality products in trend-setting designs together with an easy usability approach. iriver has become known for its foresight and strategic approach to be always the first market player to implement innovative technology and new standards in mass production products. The outstanding audio quality of all iriver products sets the standard in the field of portable players. With the leading products, applications and services from iriver, music enthusiasts as well as people of the “mobile generation” can enjoy HighEnd entertainment – anytime and anywhere.

iriver was founded in 2000, is headquartered in Seoul, Korea and is a fully owned subsidiary of the Korean Reigncom Ltd. Today the holding company has 500 employees worldwide, most of whom are employed by iriver. At the end of 2003, the company completed its IPO at the Korean high tech stock exchange KOSDAQ. Within just a few years iriver has been able to establish its brand and products worldwide and obtain market leadership in decisive regions. In 2004 iriver achieved a global sales of about 430 million US Dollars. To extend its market share, iriver pursues an aggressive growth strategy, opening offices in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan and the U.S. over the course of only two years. Its latest milestone was the opening of its European headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany in January 2004, where all pan-European activities are developed.

Further information about iriver can be obtained at 

iriver Europe GmbH
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