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Birmingham selects Health Portal to deliver on NHS White Paper data sharing imperatives


Dotted Eyes Health Portal enables Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Partnership to more cost effectively share data with GPs and across all partnerships to deliver on new healthcare reforms

Birmingham, England, 22 July 2010 – Dotted Eyes, data and information specialists to the UK public sector and commercial business, today announces that Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Partnership (BHWP) has selected its Health Portal solution to facilitate unprecedented information sharing at every level of the Partnership organisations.

Please note: Image for illustrative purposes only. Does not represent true data.
Please note: Image for illustrative purposes only. Does not represent true data.

Hot-on-the-heels of the new NHS White Paper release, which focuses heavily on shared information for patients, local authorities and healthcare professionals, the BHWP announcement marks the formal launch of Health Portal, developed by Dotted Eyes to meet the burgeoning need of healthcare professionals to access, visualise and share data through a simple and cost-effective system; freeing up the resources of data analysts and decentralising cumbersome data hubs to deliver access at the point of need.

“In many ways, the key imperatives of the new healthcare reform are already established principles of Birmingham Health & Wellbeing Partnership,” said Jim McManus, Joint Director of Public Health at BHWP.

“Health Portal will equip the Partnership to take information sharing to new levels to meet these imperatives. In opening up data access at both senior and departmental levels across the BHWP and facilitating GP access, whilst enabling temporary and shifting healthcare considerations, we see Health Portal enabling hugely improved decision-making at the ‘coalface’.

“Critically, it will enable BWHP to provide more effective – and importantly, cost-effective - services to support the new commissioning structure and deliver on health improvements and public health outcomes whilst meeting the onus on joint partnerships laid out by the new White Paper.”

In the first phase of the roll out, Health Portal will facilitate internal NHS information access across partner organisations, equipping new and existing partners, specifically new GP Consortia, to easily and cost-effectively share a broad reach of information, for example, lifestyle data, hospital admissions and death from diseases. Expansion of the capability in later phases will open up access to external data sharing from intranet to internet, embracing wider public service access, including local authorities and emergency and social services.

As data and information specialists with more than 20 years in the field, Dotted Eyes works with some 900 public and private sector organisations, including 130 PCTs and all ambulance services in England and Wales, as well as many household commercial brand names.

“In its simplest form, Health Portal democratises healthcare information,” said Ben Allan, Managing Director at Dotted Eyes.

“It’s a single platform which enables accurate and better informed decision-making across partner organisations at every level by equipping a wider reach of healthcare professionals – from midwives to clinical directors and commissioners – to access more freely available, current and relevant information. The system essentially revolutionises data by simplifying, automating and integrating the entire process, opening up true ‘access to all’.

“Critically, Health Portal underpins the key imperatives of the healthcare reform in facilitating new GP Consortia, the Local Health Watch, Health Watch England, NHS Foundations, Local Authorities and all related partnerships to share vital information, to deliver better patient outcomes.  By late autumn it will meet Andrew Lansley’s public facing directives to enable patients to access personal information, effectively facilitating the ‘no decision about me, without me’,  Coalition Government healthcare mantra.”

Birmingham Health & Wellbeing Partnership is rolling out the first phase of Health Portal across all its partner organisations over the summer.  Initial results will be reported in the autumn.

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Sophia Henri
PR Consultant, Dotted Eyes
Tel: +44 (0)7793 555403

About Dotted Eyes
With a long heritage as innovators of data and information solutions for private and public sector organisations, for more than 20 years Dotted Eyes has pioneered location-based intelligence products and services which enable better-informed business decision making at every level of business operations.

Serving some 900 customers UK-wide, through expert consultancy, training and product development in healthcare, local government, not-for-profit and the commercial sector, Dotted Eyes’ mantra is to ‘simplify, automate and integrate’  data and information.  This approach uniquely equips senior and departmental levels of organisations to access, visualise, analyse and share complex data in simple, useable formats to make more cost-effective, locally-relevant decisions.

Dotted Eyes maintains long standing expert partnerships with location data providers such as Ordnance Survey and Pitney Bowes Business Insight and operates certified training courses nationwide.  It serves some 130 UK Primary Care Trusts, every ambulance service in England and Wales and household name not-for-profit organisations like the National Trust, among others.

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About Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Partnership
The Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Partnership (BHWP) is one of the seven core partners in Be Birmingham, the local strategic partnership.

Working with the wider set of Partnerships across the city, its purpose is to reduce health inequalities, enable people to achieve better health outcomes and experience the best quality of life.

The BHWP fulfils its function through a small core ‘Executive’ and wider partnerships ‘Summit’. Meeting on a monthly basis, the Executive, which is comprised of the Chief Executives from Birmingham’s three Primary Care Trusts, together with the Executive Directors from Adults and Communities and Housing Constituencies of Birmingham City Council, coordinate and oversee the work of the BHWP. Its members are committed to partnership and prioritise the business of the Executive.
The BHWP Summit meets quarterly and seeks to bring together the wider partnership including all NHS Trusts, City Council departments, Third Sector, representatives from neighbourhood and communities, including user and carer groups and the Birmingham Local Involvement Network (LINkS).

As a partnership we are committed to delivering agreed outcomes within Birmingham’s Local Area Agreement (LAA) and other priority work and within the partnership’s Annual Plan through an approach based on our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), designing programmes based on evidence which is relevant and responsive to targeted populations and individuals.

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