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TribalWeb Brings Free Peer-to-Peer File Sharing to UK Market


Easy-to-use, secure private networks enable sharing of files of any size –
120,000 users in first year in France - including families, associations, all age groups
Friends, families and other groups and associations in the UK now have the opportunity to share photographs, films or documents of any size on their own private network, thanks to the launch of a new peer-to-peer file sharing service by TribalWeb.

This follows a hugely successful launch in France, which has attracted more than 120,000 users in its first year.  “We are delighted with the response to the new software,” confirms co-founder, Stéphane Herry, “which has attracted users of all ages, both male and female. 

“The range of networks they have set up is equally diverse, from families sharing videos of loved ones to genealogists exchanging family history documents to DJs sharing mixes with other DJs on their networks!”

The launch of TribalWeb has made the sharing of large files among such groups possible for the first time.  Until now, the options available have either been highly complex, prohibitively expensive or, as in the case of email, only capable of sending small files and with no certainty that is has been received.

Easy, secure access

“By contrast, by adopting optimisation technology focused on achieving efficient file exchange, we have been able to achieve our goals of simplicity, speed and security,” confirms Herry.  “TribalWeb is installed simply by downloading the software from our website: you select both those whom you wish to join your private network and there is no restriction on file size.

“Only users of the network can see shared files: similarly, only the sender and receiver are aware of each individual exchange, broken exchanges autoamtically resume with no data loss and all network data is 128-bit encrypted.  All these features are free and TribalWeb provides email assistance to resolve any problems or queries.”

The introduction of TribalWeb into the UK market coincides with the launch of Version 2 of the software.  Previously, shared folders could only be downloaded as read-only files: the new version will also offer the recipient a write, or upload, option.  TribalWeb 2.0 also includes an improved graphical interface, together with the introduction of English, German and Spanish versions.
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Notes to Editors:

TribalWeb is a peer-to-peer file sharing service ideally designed for individuals, groups and small businesses.  New to the UK, and available free-of-charge by downloading the software from the TribalWeb website and setting up your own private network, files of all sizes (including documents, pictures and videos) can be shared rapidly and securely between two or more members of the network.  Originally launched in France in 2005, TribalWeb has proved very successful, with over 120,000 users in its first year.  For more information, visit