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VisionGATEWAY To Enter Japanese Market Through Major Distribution Agreement With Wax Info Japan


San Diego, USA, August 24, 2006

visionGATEWAY Inc. (OTCBB:VGWA), developers and distributors of the industry leading application for complete Internet Resource Management, INTERScepter™, is to make its products available to the advanced Japanese market through a major distribution and representation arrangement with local company Wax info Japan.

The arrangement will see Wax info representing visionGATEWAY throughout Japan and other selected markets in Asia, where Wax info already offers its complementary ActiveLibrary network application, which is used by PC users for the secure publication, storage, search, and retrieval of information.

Scott Hitchman, the CEO of Wax info, said “visionGATEWAY has my wholehearted support, not only for the company’s entry into the Japanese market but also for its development into other global markets.

In addition, Wax info Japan has committed to an investment in the Japanese translation of visionGATEWAY products and materials, and to a significant role in the marketing necessary to successfully build the market for the visionGATEWAY products in the region.

“Wax info has already made impressive strides into Japan with ActiveLibrary, and INTERScepter is a perfect addition to their offering, allowing us the opportunity to enter one of the world’s most advanced and challenging technology markets,” said visionGATEWAY CEO Michael Emerson.

INTERScepter™ is an Internet Resource Management and Security solution, which provides an underlying “platform” to manage and control all IP usage.  The initial INTERScepter versions have focused on an enterprise business solution, which helps to improve Company earnings by assisting organizations in understanding and managing Internet usage and valuable resources, including bandwidth, systems and employee productivity. The INTERScepter™ solution empowers managers to effectively control, schedule and utilize costly Internet resources, while placing responsibility on users to self manage and modify their Internet usage behaviour.

“INTERScepter allows real time intervention by managers and creates, for the first time, a new standard of behaviour regarding internet use, by defining what is acceptable and what is not,” added Mr Emerson.

“It addresses directly uncontrolled use of broadband connections to the internet and significantly increases productivity through control of use of the internet for non-work and personal activities.”


Further information from Helen Lyman Smith at GBCS PR on +44 (0) 115 9486901 (

About visionGATEWAY Inc.

visionGATEWAY Inc. (OTCBB:VGWA) is a software development & distribution company with R&D groups in Europe and Australia, distribution in USA, Europe, Australia/New Zealand and China and existing customers across four continents.  The company provides an extensible platform of software components to power the ‘Next Generation Network’ (NGN). These components currently include:

• Internet Resource Management & Control
• Secure Mail & Secure Data Sharing
• Integrated encryption and digital rights management system
• Advanced Application Feature Server
• Voice over IP
• iPBX

About Wax info Japan

Wax info Japan has built long standing relationships in the IT sector in Japan over 25 years through its CEO, Mr Scott Hitchman.  Wax info’s core product, ActiveLibrary, is a knowledge management system with a strong security element – well matched to the intensive security and data protection attitudes in the Japanese market.  Wax info have close relationships with major vendors in Japan, and have extensive relationships with System Integrators with access to the important small to medium business market. This positions Wax info Japan with good access to both the corporate and consumer markets for new secure software products such as INTERScepter and IQ Confidential.

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Note to editors:-

INTERScepter™ is:
• A single software application that provides management with real time control over use of the internet.
• INTERScepter™ allows management to monitor and report on use of the internet in detail, intervene on use to improve productivity and efficiency, assign costs correctly and plan for future growth.
• Identifies every user and controls how and when they can access the internet, providing management audit logs to report on all use of the internet by users and applications.
• Real time intervention by managers creates for the first time a new standard of behaviour regarding internet use, by defining what is acceptable and what is not.
• INTERScepter™ directly addresses uncontrolled use of broadband connections to the internet:
o Significantly increases productivity through control of use of the internet for non-work and personal activities.
o Decreases wasted bandwidth and cost overruns by when and how both users and applications can access and use the internet.
o Manages performance of the IT system by controlling network and application overloading.
o Decreases risk and legal liabilities caused by theft or loss of proprietary information through use of uncontrolled internet applications, such as instant messaging.

ActiveLibrary from Wax info is:

• A network application used by PC users for the secure publication, storage, search, and retrieval of information. It incorporates the controlled transfer of encrypted electronic documents between users.
• It allows organisations, and groups of organisations, to establish an environment in which mission-critical documents can be exchanged securely. Originators maintain full editorial, distribution, and document access rights control.
• Wax ActiveLibrary supports an effective information delivery and compliance strategy. It does this by updating locally cached documents automatically whenever they are viewed, and by maintaining an audit trail of critical document publication and access events.
• Automatic version management ensures that the latest available document revision is delivered to the user whenever and wherever the document is accessed. If a user attempts to view a previously cached document on his local PC, the system automatically checks the central library to determine if there is a later version. New versions of a document are downloaded automatically before being displayed to the user.
• ActiveLibrary keeps track of the actions of key administration and privileged users. The identities of the users, and their actions in creating, managing, and maintaining the folders and workspaces in the library, are maintained in the system’s audit trail
• The technology was developed to distribute guidelines to GPs in the UK.  It has since been supplied to the NHS and is now targeting Asian business markets, announcing only yesterday the deployment of the technology in Japan.