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BusinessSolve offers no obligation trial of Hotdesk Manager


Hotdesk Manager provides efficient space management solution for all organisations -

12 September 2006, London, UK – BusinessSolve has today announced a no-obligation-to-buy, free trial, of its Hotdesk Manager software, which provides an effective means of managing a company's Hot Desk or Flexible Seating facilities. In trials of Hotdesk Manager in the UK and across Europe, the user community has stated that the cost savings in terms of real estate, energy and support services have been considerable.

With private and public sector organisations under increasing pressure to cut costs to protect margins, effective space management and efficient utilisation of existing resources is a critical requirement for businesses. Hotdesk Manager addresses these needs, while providing a flexible interface which can be easily branded to adhere to a company’s corporate guidelines. It is also easy to interface Hotdesk Manager with a company’s existing scheduling system, helping organisations to quickly make maximum use of their current office resources.

Furthermore, long term, BusinessSolve claims that the scope and flexibility of Hotdesk Manager – in conjunction with Hot Desking and remote working – will enable companies to address other mission-critical issues facing businesses, such as maintaining staff motivation (by providing the option to work off-site), and to demonstrate true Corporate Citizenship by addressing environmental concerns (with staff working off-site and not commuting to the office, travel and pollution levels are reduced).
By making Hot Desking easier - and hence increasing its uptake - organisations can then reassess their future facilities’ requirements and investigate the option of moving to smaller, more cost-effective premises with lower overheads.
Nigel Reading, BusinessSolve’s Business Development Director, said: “BusinessSolve’s free trial of Hotdesk Manager enables facilities managers to experience for themselves how easy and effective Hotdesk Manager is to use, in addition to enabling them to realise the benefits it can deliver back to the business and its employees.” He added: “As well as demonstrating Hotdesk Manager’s proof of concept, organisations that take up the offer will also experience BusinessSolve’s commitment to client service and support, as well as benefit from the knowledge we have gained from working wjth a broad range of customer-site installations.”

BusinessSolve’s Hotdesk Manager has been deployed at customer sites across Europe, where customers have had a requirement for an effective hot desking solution to facilitate the move toward remote working in order to reduce building and premises overheads.

Companies interested in applying for the trial should contact:
Nigel Reading, tel: 0844 587 5794, email: 

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Pricing and availability:
Hotdesk Manager is available now from BusinessSolve, and three versions are offered: for individual or small teams; for multiple users; for enterprises with dispersed locations globally. For pricing details, please visit:

About BusinessSolve:
BusinessSolve’s software solutions are in daily use at many of the world’s leading organisations. These powerful web based solutions prove quick to deploy and easy to use, and have established BusinessSolve as a world leader in providing intuitive resource scheduling solutions. Organisations often have many resources to manage including; Meeting Rooms, Hot Desks, Car Parking, Personnel, Apartments, Pool Cars to name but a few. All our solutions have been developed to manage any resource types across multiple locations, these may be accessed via the web or Touch Screen panels, enabling users to update their requirements on the move.