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Visionael Unveils Service Automation Suite To Enable And Accelerate Next-Generation IP Service Deployments


Best-of-breed approach is faster, focused on MPLS

LONDON, October 10, 2006 – Visionael Corp., a leading provider of process-oriented inventory, provisioning and activation solutions for IP service delivery, today announced the Visionael Service Automation Suite, a best-of-breed next-generation operational support system (OSS) inventory, provisioning and activation solution for IP services over multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) and generalized MPLS networks.

The Visionael Service Automation Suite enables service providers and managed service providers to accelerate time to revenue through the automation of service rollouts over IP networks. Using the Visionael suite, service providers can more quickly design, deploy, provision and activate new services – including next-generation voice, data, mobile and video offerings, such as IP television, IP telephony and voice-over IP. The suite also allows service providers to roll out digital subscriber line access multiplexers and thus deliver broadband IP services to multiple customers over one line.

“One of the biggest problems for service providers today is the silos isolating their OSS and business support system (BSS) applications,” said Craig Nichols, president and chief executive officer at Visionael. “The heavy lifting involved in planning and rolling out next-generation network services is difficult enough without having to worry that your CRM application isn’t communicating with order management or fulfillment, and that your legacy system can’t scale fast enough to reconcile demand.

“The Visionael Service Automation Suite provides one-stop service fulfillment by removing these silos and facilitating communications among OSS, BSS and inherited systems,” Nichols continued. “Our suite glues together the disparate network elements to optimize and streamline IP service automation and delivery.”

In a separate announcement today, Visionael said it was acquiring Defero AB, a Swedish OSS solutions provider, to strengthen the company’s ability to support service providers and managed service providers in the rollout of next-generation services. Defero technologies and expertise are part of the new suite.

“Visionael is well positioned to meet the needs of service providers as well as managed service providers, both of which are investing in the build-out of next-gen IP networks, including MPLS,” said Elisabeth Rainge, director, OSS/BSS, IDC. “With the increasing competition that both camps face, solutions that provide a quick return on investment are table stakes. Visionael’s new IP automation suite, based on existing and recently acquired technology, is aligned with these requirements and suggests a way to accelerate order to cash by automating the provisioning and activation process.”

Pressures to sustain and improve quality of service and meet service level agreements despite increased network communication complexity are driving a rapid shift to converged IP networks, with IP-MPLS network infrastructures in particular gaining popularity. As service providers and network outsourcers adopt IP and multi-protocol-based networks, they require new tools to ensure efficient planning, speedy rollout, and efficient deployment, bundling and reconciling of applications and services.

The Visionael Service Automation Suite offers a best-of-breed, repository-agnostic-based solution with native, deep discovery capabilities. Especially proficient in IP-MPLS environments, the suite can help providers dramatically increase network efficiency, ensuring that even last-mile connectivity is established at the lowest possible cost. Instead of worrying about having to rebuild their service delivery solutions, service providers can focus on delivering services, with a full and accurate understanding of the true costs and resources allocated.

Anchored by Visionael’s latest release of Network Resource Manager, the company’s network inventory technology, the new suite offers customers a powerful out-of-the-box feature set. These capabilities include MPLS activation, workflow design, provisioning automation, and a fully Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-compliant integration layer.

Visionael Knows IP

The Visionael Service Automation Suite is optimized for service providers, network outsourcers, enterprises and government customers engaged in or planning to roll out services over an IP-based network.

The company’s real-time inventory software, coupled with a leading discovery engine, allows the system to import data quickly, discover assets and incorporate an automated capability to compare what was planned to what actually is, and then reconcile the differences.

Visionael’s automation and activation features also make it easier to tie together solutions from different vendors and automate the provisioning and activation of services over heterogeneous environments. The suite can be seamlessly integrated into a customer’s existing OSS, linking the disparate network elements together. This helps customers achieve scale and significantly reduce time-to-revenue.

The new modularized suite includes:

• Workflow Services Manager: This helps customers realize the highly sought-after benefits of inventory-based provisioning. Working in concert with Visionael’s inventory management platform, the Workflow Services Manager delivers the foundation for service order fulfillment.

• Provisioning Services Manager: This module works with the service modeling capabilities of Visionael, offering Web-based automation for the deployment of any service type, at any scale.

• Network Resource Manager: The core of the suite. Visionael’s open repository-based, patented technology for collaborative network design.

• Discovery Reconciliation Manager: Rapidly discovers detailed device information, including full physical configurations and associated graphic images, plus port-to-port topology.

• Integration Bus Manager: The fully J2EE-compliant module simplifies data exchange between various software applications, automating and optimizing workflows between systems and significantly improving the network solution’s added value and service delivery.

• Services Activation Manager: Activation workflows and integration points can be graphically constructed using this intuitive module. It also logs every step in the process, making it possible to follow the process in real-time and/or audit logs after the process execution is completed.

The Visionael IP Services Automation Suite general release is expected to be available in December.

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About Visionael

Visionael Corporation provides best-of-breed software and services that allow telecommunications service providers, network outsourcers, enterprises and government organizations to automate the rollout of network services over IP networks and to accelerate time-to-revenue or productivity. With Visionael software, network operators can more quickly design, provision and activate next-generation services – including voice, data, mobile and video offerings – all while reducing the complexities of managing large, advanced networks.
The company has an extensive worldwide customer base, including Alpheus Communications, Comcast, EDS, Kaiser Permanente, IBM Global Services, Sprint and Vodafone. Channel, system integrators and other partners include Dimension Data, EDS, IBM Global Services, Logica and Pride. Visionael is a privately held company, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with major development facilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma (US), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Bangalore (India). Sales offices are located throughout North America and Europe.

For more information, please visit, or call +1 650-470-8920.

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