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IGEL Technology Announces the World’s Broadest Range of Thin Clients from a Single Vendor


With the addition of tablet, quad screen and LCD integrated thin clients to its already impressive product range, IGEL Technology now has the widest range of thin client platforms from a major manufacturer.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla., US, October 23rd 2006 – IGEL Technology expands its product range with three new series: the IGEL ProScribe thin client tablet for mobile applications, the IGEL Elegance thin client with integrated 17“ TFT Display and the IGEL PanaVeo quad-display thin client.  The expanded IGEL product range allows organizations, with almost any application and in any market, to provide manageable and secure digital access to their infrastructure.

In order to provide the greatest operational flexibility and security, all three new series come available with Windows XPe, with the PanaVeo and Elegance models also supporting IGEL’s embedded Flash Linux. The new models all come with the industry’s broadest set of digital services provided by the IGEL firmware including access using terminal emulation, Citrix® ICA®, RDP and Multimedia Streaming. A VoIP client is also provided as standard in the Linux version of the IGEL firmware. As with all IGEL thin clients, the new models also provide security services such as smart card and remote access using various VPN protocols. All devices allow easy central administration and configuration using IGEL Remote Manager.

IGEL ProScribe: The ultra mobile thin client series
The new IGEL ProScribe series combines all the characteristics of stationary thin clients into a secure, agile and high performance mobile tablet device.  The ProScribe is powered by a fast VIA Eden 800 MHz CPU processor and includes integrated WiFi (802.11b/g) as well as a high resolution 12.1“ XGA display with 1024 x 768 resolution.  The device can be fitted with an optional, internal Smart Card reader. The IGEL ProScribe weighs only 1.85 kg (4.08 lbs), and has a Lithium Ion battery with a life of three hours.  The IGEL ProScribe 8600 XP is available with Microsoft Windows XP Embedded. Typical application scenarios for the IGEL ProScribe series include mobile workers in logistics, retail, manufacturing and healthcare. The IGEL ProScribe starts at $1649 plus tax and is available immediately.

IGEL PanaVeo: The multi-display thin client series
The new IGEL PanaVeo series combines the highly efficient Intel Celeron M platform with the high-end video capabilities of the Matrox EpicA graphics card series.  The latter was developed especially for thin clients and consumes less than 11 watts of power with the simultaneous use of multiple digital or analog displays.  The IGEL PanaVeo models IGEL-7302 LX and IGEL-7602 XP integrate a Matrox EpicA TC2 for use with up to two displays and the IGEL-7304 LX and IGEL-7604 XP use the Matrox EpicA TC4 with output for up to four displays.  In addition, special formats, such as 16:9 widescreen or 2048 x 1536 (TC2, analog) high resolution are supported.  Despite this remarkable graphical performance, the radical PanaVeo design remains totally fan-less. The PanaVeo series is especially suited to environments where large amounts of information are required in a limited space, such as financial trading floors, command centers and industrial control rooms. The IGEL PanaVeo starts at $979 plus tax and is available immediately.
IGEL Elegance: The integrated thin client series
The IGEL Elegance series is designed for customers requiring an attractive, space saving solution that combines a first class 17” TFT display with the latest IGEL Clever Client. The Elegance models, IGEL-9317 LX and IGEL-9617 XP are based upon a 1 GHz VIA Eden CPU with 256 MB of RAM and come standard with an internal smartcard reader and WiFi connectivity (802.11b/g). An optional touch screen enables interactive and intuitively designed solutions.  Typical uses for the IGEL Elegance Series could be found in airports, retail banks, receptions, hospitals, retail stores and public authorities. The IGEL Elegance starts at $959 plus tax and is available immediately.

“IGEL Technology now has the broadest range of thin clients, supported by one management tool, from a major world manufacturer. This allows almost every corner of any organization to harvest the substantial benefits of thin clients and server based computing. This achievement is a testament to our strength, stability and German engineering excellence,” stated Stephen Yeo, Worldwide Strategic Marketing Director for IGEL Technology.

About IGEL Technology
IGEL Technology is the fastest growing vendor of thin clients in the worldwide top 9 (H2 2006 IDC) and the worldwide #4 thin client vendor (Q2 2006 IDC). It is the #1 thin client vendor in its home country of Germany (H2 2006 IDC). The company produces the industry’s widest range of thin clients, based on Linux and Microsoft Windows, giving customers access to the richest set of digital services through the very powerful, IGEL designed, firmware. The hardware is supported by the IGEL Remote Management software, giving customers maximum remote control with the minimum cost and hassle. IGEL’s success is based on four key skills. Thin Clients and Management Software – IGEL Technology offers the widest range of thin clients in the world including traditional designs plus tablets, LCD integrated terminals and multi-screen units. The company puts security at the heart of its design principles and offers smartcard support across almost all of its range. All IGEL models come with   the powerful IGEL Remote Management software. Development – The company has a strong engineering team in Augsburg, Germany, and does not outsource this key activity. Services – Customers can have custom solutions built into their thin client firmware through our local systems engineering teams and German engineering centre. Solutions – We work with the best partners across different industry verticals and geographies to give our customers the best value added solutions.

IGEL is a founding member of the European Thin Client Forum (ETCF).


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