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Dawn Of New Era For Business Software Development As Zensar Announces Launch Of GDP


Partnership of business needs and technology keeps intelligence with the customer and speeds time-to-market


22nd November 2006, Slough, UK: Businesses in the UK are the first in the world to have the chance to exploit a revolutionary way of designing and implementing business processes which will radically change existing consultancy methods, accumulate knowledge in-house and reduce time-to-market for new application implementation.


Zensar Technologies, an Indian-headquartered Global IT and BPO solutions provider with its European HQ in Slough, has launched its Global Delivery Platform (GDP) to support businesses looking to design, develop, implement and maintain business applications.


The major elements of GDP are; identifying and laying down the business process, designing the platform agnostic solution, manufacturing the application, and testing and enabling the users to manage the entire solution-building process in a collaborative manner.  It has been designed to enable people collaborating on the solution to be based anywhere in the world, and bringing together the best skills wherever they may be.


“Today’s long-winded application development takes up to a year to deliver a solution and involves major expense and time commitment on the part of the customer and massive consultancy fees to go along with it,” said Dr Ganesh Natarajan, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Zensar. “GDP puts the power and control back into the hands of the customer and enables them to introduce their solutions to the market much more quickly, while also retaining the expert knowledge of their business within their company.  This is a major leap forward in business process automation. 


“We chose the UK for the initial launch because we see major demand and potential here, in this fiercely competitive market,” he said.


Zensar, which recently opened its new European headquarters in Slough, has already enjoyed considerable success in the UK. Zensar employs over 3,400 people globally with nearly 200 people based in the UK and Europe. It has a robust customer base, and has formed strong partnerships with Fujitsu, Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Its customers include Marks & Spencer, National Grid, Cisco Systems, and Electronic Arts.


Zensar’s GDP is the realisation of a wider concept called Global-On-Demand (G.O.D), which enables collaboration of a company’s business and technology team seamlessly in a secure, monitored environment to achieve distributed design, project management using a common set of tools, techniques and process to define and deliver world-class solution from wherever they are in the world. This framework enables even business users to participate in the solution building process.


“One of the problems of the business world has always been the need to ‘hand over’ the development process to highly technical people – usually external consultants – who go away and develop a solution” explained Dilip Ittyera, Chief


Architect and Evangelist of the Zensar GDP initiative. “But GDP takes that need away because business people can easily understand and use this platform themselves to define their business processes, workflows and rules. Systems architects and designers globally can use those definitions to create the blueprint of the solution which is then validated, refined and transformed into applications ready for deployment. What we are talking about here is a truly disruptive development process.  It is a paradigm shift from conventional outsourcing practices to collaborative global sourcing using the best-in-class capabilities”.


GDP will be rolled out to academic institutions, software entrepreneurs and major clients worldwide in stages. As part of the UK GDP academic initiative, Zensar has teamed up with the School of Entrepreneurship and Business (SEB) at the University of Essex, where a Centre of Excellence, with 20 seats to start with, is being set up to utilize the GDP. A stream of students will learn to use the system as part of their studies and will take the knowledge with them out into the business world. The University of Essex programme is the first in Europe, after Zensar’s successful programme with University of Sydney, Australia and colleges and universities in India. As part of the programme with SEB, Zensar will be sponsoring PhD research studentship on technology based entrepreneurship over a period of three years at the SEB, University of Essex.


Professor Jay Mitra, Head of SEB at the University of Essex says, “This unique transnational initiative combining technology and entrepreneurship is at the heart of new ways of thinking around constellations of excellence building relationships and working together for sustainable economic growth through learning and doing. We hope this new venture will be a beacon for innovative forms of learning in both industry and academia.”


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About Zensar Technologies (


Zensar Technologies is among the top 25 software services provider from India. It is a joint venture of RPG Group, one of the leading industrial houses and Fujitsu Services of UK, a US $4 billion IT services company. Zensar is the world's first enterprise-wide SEI CMM Level 5 Company and now a CMMI Level 5 Company with industry expertise that spans Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Utilities and Pharma. Zensar has more than 3400 employees with sales and operations presence across US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Middle East, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Japan and China. The company delivers comprehensive services in mission critical applications, enterprise applications, e-business, BPO and Knowledge Services. The company has developed tools and methodologies, including the proprietary Solution BluePrint (SBP), which enables its clients with innovative business solutions and a rapid ‘go-to-market’ capability. The company supports Fortune 500 clients with software business solutions that help them compete in the digital economy.


About University of Essex

The School of Entrepreneurship and Business at the University of Essex, provides a unique learning environment for students involved in entrepreneurship and different aspects of business right up to the doctoral level, and for entrepreneurs, owner-managers, executives and policy makers to engage actively in debate, discussion, training and professional development programmes offered by the School’s staff and its international grouping of Enterprise Fellows.. The School is a key component of the University’s strategic new development in the Thames Gateway region, Europe’s biggest regeneration project.