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Esther Dyson to speak at mashup* on Advertising 2.0


13th December 2006 – Esther Dyson will speak today at the etribes-sponsored mashup* event, entitled Advertising 2.0, at Lloyds of London.

The CNET Editor-at-Large and an early investor in successful companies such as Flickr, Technorati, and Midentity will give her views on the rise of new media advertising as it becomes more targeted, personalised, integrated and viral.

This, the fourth in the etribes-sponsored mashup* series, will also include contributions from David Burrows (Head of Ad Technology, Yahoo), Russell Fradin (Co-founder & COO, Adify) and Alex Marks (Head of UK Trade Marketing, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions), among others.

Simon Grice, etribes Founder and CEO, explained today why advertising 2.0 is such a hot tropic for discussion, saying: “The impact of the Internet and Web 2.0 services on marketing represents probably the biggest single shift in the way products and services are advertised - and it’s taking place right now”.

Esther Dyson added: “Advertising 2.0 is closer to PR, from the marketer's point of view.  You may have to suggest the unique value of a product, or help position it.  You may even offer words for users to describe its benefits.  But leave the actual selling to the customers; let them promote the benefits user-to-user.

She also warned: “Just take care: unless the product or service delivers on the promise, the users won't spread the message...or they'll spread their own message of disappointment and deception.  Disappointed users, just like disappointed idealists, are the worst cynics of all.”

Registration for this event is now closed but Press Passes are available. 


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