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Press Release

Corpora launches iOra version 4.10


Corpora Software has launched version 4.10 of its iOra application acceleration and offline networking software.

New and enhanced features include support for SharePoint 2007, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security, advanced configuration user interface, cross forest access rights replication, automated disk space management and faster SharePoint replication. Together these features position iOra is as the world’s most advanced enterprise replication management software. 

In today’s highly competitive global markets, distributed organisations depend on centrally implemented web applications and collaboration products to provide the information that drives their business. The iOra software suite extends these enterprise applications to the users on the edges of organisations, by making the same rich web interfaces available to mobile laptop users and remote users with high latency, slow, intermittent or expensive networks. The net result is higher productivity for the distributed workforce and lower network costs.

Mark Thompson, CEO of Corpora Software, stated: “We have seen a large uptake of Microsoft’s recently released SharePoint 2007, which is supported by iOra. For our military customers, support for PKI was a must-have as this has now becoming a mandatory security requirement for our customers such as the US Navy, US Army and Marines.  Our commercial customers who need to replicate ever growing volumes of data between world wide offices will now be able to more easily configure their replication and support their scalability requirements with this release.”

Benefits include:
1. Microsoft SharePoint 2007 support:
•   Server to server replication – Content and views of SharePoint team sites and subsites can be automatically replicated between servers. By supporting both SharePoint 2003 and 2007 distributed enterprises can now deploy and automate the replication of SharePoint team sites across their worldwide offices.
•    Offline networking – It’s now possible for mobile users to access the rich new features of SharePoint 2007 when working offline. This means mobile knowledge workers can achieve the same productivity even when they are disconnected from their central servers. 
2. PKI security support
It integrates support for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). PKI is used to ‘sign’ iOra network transfers so as to mutually guarantee the validity to the sender and receivers. World wide terrorist threats have made keeping government information secure a high priority.

3. Advanced replication configuration user interface
Includes a completely new user interface that dramatically simplifies replication configuration. An enhanced wizard guides the administrator through the steps needed to configure their system, using context sensitive dialogues.

4. Cross forest access rights replication
Building on the capability to replicate access rights between SharePoint servers in the same Active Directory Forest, 4.10 provides a method for replicating user access rights between different Forests.

5. Automated publisher disk space management
Administrators can set limits on the amount of disk space used by iOra on a ‘per publication’ basis. This feature is particularly beneficial when performing two-way replication to remote servers with limited disk space and no local IT support.

6. Scalability
Replication of SharePoint content, structure and access rights will now be even faster and take less disk space.

About Corpora
Corpora Group’s three divisions; Corpora, iOra and Tokairo make Knowledge Management, Document Management and Application Acceleration software, which helps people to locate and understand business information faster. 

The key benefits of Corpora’s solutions are to:
- quickly increase ROI on existing enterprise software installations
- significantly improve personal and organisational productivity
- enhance the speed, accuracy and ease with which people work.

The company’s software solutions support workers across global markets, including government, military, finance, legal, pharmaceutical and educational organisations.

Corpora’s website can be found at