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Nominum Enhances Products For Wireless Quality Of Experience


Carrier-Grade Solutions Improve Overall and Social Networking Site Performance

READING, UK, February 5, 2007 - Nominum Inc., the leading provider of network naming and addressing solutions, today announced that it is actively entering the wireless telecommunications sector and that its core product suite is available to wireless carriers launching Internet Protocol (IP) based services.

With the rising popularity of mobile internet usage and expectations of reliability and consistent performance, upgrading IP infrastructures becomes essential for carriers seeking to deliver a high Quality of Experience (QoE) to their mobile subscribers.  In particular, social networking sites such as MySpace, where a single page typically references content spread across over 200 separate domains, require leading network performance to deliver an experience comparable to broadband.  Providing fast downloads to such sites gives a competitive advantage to wireless operators. 

“The volume of data access for mobile subscribers has reached the tipping point where carriers have to re-examine all components in their IP networks,” said Albert Gouyet, Vice President of Marketing for Nominum.  “Failing to upgrade network naming and addressing will lead to poor user experiences and possibly outages, damaging the carrier’s bottom line, its brand and the take-up of mobile Internet service across the board.”

As the ‘Internet native’ generation demands an equivalent level of experience from both wired and wireless networks, all carriers must address concerns with DNS naming and DHCP addressing.

Nominum has enhanced its foundation engines to provide wireless carriers with the tools they need to deliver to their customers a consistent, reliable experience coupled with the scalability to roll-out new services, support spikes in usage, and absorb Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.   Updates to Nominum’s product suite include:

DNS cache pre-fetching
Nominum’s new proprietary ‘smart algorithm’ re-fetches DNS information just prior to it expiring in the cache. By pre-fetching DNS information before it expires, networks are more responsive and thus capable of supporting users as they load Web sites with rich and distributed content – for example social networking or Web 2.0 sites.

DNS upstream optimisation
Nominum’s DNS servers have been enhanced to optimise the upstream traffic to authoritative servers around the Internet.  This makes more efficient usage of the carriers’ network resources and reduces the negative impact of slow or non-responsive authoritative servers.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) performance enhancements
Dynamic DNS updates enable Nominum’s solutions to keep pace in real-time with address changes as mobile devices, such as Internet-enabled smart phones and laptops, come on to or leave the network. By absorbing the load created by new devices that connect to the network, Nominum’s enhanced Dynamic DNS functionality ensures that networks maintain high levels of performance for both existing and new users.

When benchmarked against BIND, the most widely used open source DNS server, Nominum’s foundation engines showcase a seven-fold better DDNS update performance, zero packet loss, and reduced upstream traffic by 25%.  


Nominum at 3GSM World Congress Barcelona (12 -15 February 2007)
Nominum will be present at this year's 3GSM World Congress Barcelona event and if you would like to speak with an executive on this announcement or on how social networking sites affect network performance before, during or after the Congress, please call Barbara or Nick on +44 (0) 207 413 3085.

About Nominum
Nominum's network naming and addressing solutions power the world's largest always-on networks. Nominum is a global provider of ENUM-based IP-Application Routing Directory, DNS and DHCP solutions that enable communication providers to deliver high quality always-on broadband internet and innovative services to their customers, including VoIP, push to talk, fixed-mobile convergence, IPTV and triple-play.  For further information visit

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