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iCharge your iPhone and iTouch

Introducing the new FreeLoader 8.0, lean, ‘green’ portable charging machine - free, continuous power for all the latest mobile gadgets.
Gloucestershire, 29th February 2008.

The new FreeLoader 8.0 Portable Solar Charger by Solar Technology is a smart looking, versatile device that charges a multitude of the latest mobile gadgets for free using Solar Energy. The FreeLoader 8.0 can charge devices such as; digital cameras, iPods, PDAs, PSPs and mobile phones, and even supports a direct connection to two of the most recent mobile gadgets available on the market, the iPhone and the iTouch.

Designed to sit comfortably alongside the latest fashionable gadgets with its futuristic looks and design, the Freeloader 8.0 is gadgetry eye candy. It is also conveniently mobile, boasting a durable casing for hard-core mobility and the ability to fold into a stylish minimal device that can easily be slipped into a pocket or handbag.

Extremely reliable and easy to use, the FreeLoader 8.0 Portable Solar Charger uses the latest in cutting edge solar technology to convert solar energy into electricity, making power readily available for a wealth of popular mobile devices. For example, the FreeLoader 8.0 boasts the ability to power an iPod for 18 hours, a mobile phone for 44 hours, a PSP for 2.5 hours and a PDA for 22 hours. And because the FreeLoader 8.0 can partner with such a wide variety of gadgets it also eliminates the need to carry country specific adaptors when travelling abroad, making it the ideal travel partner. 

To ensure batteries never run flat, the Freeloader 8.0 can simultaneously charge its own internal battery which holds its charge for up to three months and features extra sensitive solar panels which are more much efficient at absorbing light in cloudy and dim conditions that the UK in particular is prone to.

The Freeloader 8.0 is available in both Hot Pink and Cool Aluminium Silver from and popular retail outlets. At only £29.99 everyone can afford an environmentally friendly way to charge their favourite hand-held gadgets and help to offset the carbon emissions that would otherwise have been created. Because working towards saving the planet, needn’t cost the earth.


Additional Info:

The Freeloader 8.0 is supplied with 11 adapters to power the following:
• Dedicated Connector for I-pod, I-pod nano, Iphone
• LG – KG800 Chocolate / Shine Series
• Nokia Old 3.5mm jack and compatible phones
• Nokia New 2mm jack and compatible N series phones
• Samsung A288 and compatible Series phones
• Samsung D800 and compatible current Series phones
• Sony Ericsson K750 and compatible Series phones
• 4mm Jack compatible with Sony PSP, Tom Tom, some Digital Cameras, PDA’s and Two Way Radios
• Dedicated Connector for Nintendo DS Lite
• Mini USB compatible with Blackberry, Smart Phones, Motorola Phones, HTC Phones, Qtek Phones, some Digital Cameras and other devices that charge via a mini USB port.
• USB female for use with devices that can be charged via USB on your computer. For example MP3 or MP4 players and some Digital Cameras

Available FreeLoader 8.0 Accessories include:

• Spare Freeloader battery and hub (s)
• Adaptor plug to suit iPod and iPod Nano
• Adaptor plug to suit Siemens BenQ mobile phones
• Adaptor plug to suit Nintendo Game boy Advanced / Old style DS
• Adaptor plug to suit Nintendo Game boy Micro
• Adaptor plug to suit Nintendo DS lite (now included with freeloader)
• Adaptor plug to suit Samsung 2.5mm jack mobile phones
• Adaptor plug to suit Panasonic mobile phones
• Adaptor plug to suit Palm One PDA’s and mobile devices
• Adaptor plug to suit Alcatel mobile phones
• Adaptor plug to suit Siemens C55 mobile phones
• Adaptor plug to suit Siemens C25 mobile phones
• Adaptor plug to suit Sanyo mobile phones
• Adaptor plug to suit Motorola 3mm jack mobile phones
• Adaptor plug to suit Sagem mobile phones
• Adaptor plug to suit Micro USB connected mobile phones
• In car power Adaptor
• Mains power Adaptor
• Freeloader Pouch
• Spare Freeloader battery and hub (pink)
• Freeloader Pouch (pink)
• Adaptor plug to suit New Nokia mobile phones
• Adaptor plug to suit Old Sony Ericson mobile phones
• Adaptor plug to suit Old Motorola  mobile phones
• Adaptor plug to suit New Samsung phones
• Freeloader AA & AAA Battery charger

For further information, images or sample requests please contact:

Kerri Chard
The PR Room
T: 0845 0942902

About Solar Technology International:
Solar Technology International designs and produces a range of solar products that allows you to use the sun for free energy.  The solar panels let you capture the sun's energy and convert it to electrical current to power a range of appliances.  Solar Technology’s panels use Crystalline silicon technology, the latest in solar technology to harness power which is more efficient than amorphous or thin film solutions, particularly in lower light conditions found in the UK.  To find out more about Solar Technology’s product range, please visit: