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“360°TOUCHPOINT” marketing analytics from Accelerom facilitates performance comparison of all marketing and sales activities


Zurich, 08 April 2013 – Zurich consultancy firm Accelerom has further enhanced its proven 360°TOUCHPOINT marketing analytics tool. Newly integrated features include the measurement of “Total Audience” and a standardized “Gross Rating Point (GRP)” indicator. This development has been supported by the Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) through a joint research project.

360°TOUCHPOINT enables precise tracking of the customer journey of different target groups, and thus the identification of the optimal marketing mix for each group. This management tool works with standardized “currencies” in order to determine the impact and contribution to success of all activities in marketing, sales, communication and service.

Thanks to the new features listed below, the results are now even more significant and reliable:

  • The Total Audience measurement shows how many target individuals can be reached with a particular multichannel mix of up to 100 marketing instruments.

  • In addition, a Gross Rating Point is shown for every touchpoint – whether owned, paid, or earned. This permits inter-media comparisons, for example, between advertisements, sales conversations, and price comparison websites.

Proven management tool
“The chaos of the multichannel world increases the risk of investing in the wrong activities or of forgetting important touchpoints. Our innovations allow the testing and comparison of a wide range of different scenarios,” explains Managing Director Christoph Spengler. “This empowers decision makers to select the most effective marketing mix and thus maximise their sales and marketing ROI.”

Well-known companies rely on 360°TOUCHPOINT
360°TOUCHPOINT has been scientifically validated and continuously developed over the years. Companies including BMW, Swisscom and Victorinox are taking advantage today of its individually tailored strategic solutions for efficient and effective multichannel management. Every company needs to answer the question of how to allocate its budgets. Whether to launch a new product, or to develop new markets. Accelerom’s new marketing analytics permit the impacts of instruments and activities to be evaluated, and the entire business model to be aligned with today’s more complex realities.

360°TOUCHPOINT is an integrated management and decision-making tool for comprehensive multichannel management.

During its 10 years of experience, Accelerom has served many different industries and target groups, covering over:

  • 50,000 off- and online touchpoints – from sales contacts, classical advertising, public relations, sponsoring and word-of-mouth, to social media

  • 500 brand profiles

  • 50 countries on all continents

Practical experience with 360°TOUCHPOINT shows that Accelerom’s analysis and consultancy concept generates up to 30% more sales with the same budget – or the same result with a 30% smaller budget.

Company portrait
Accelerom is an international consultancy specialised in integrated marketing and brand management.

Accelerom cooperates on research and practical projects on the topic of touchpoint management with the Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research at the University of Zurich. The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs is supporting the further development of Accelerom’s analytical methods and visualization tools as a certified innovation that enables real-time future and scenario analyses.

Accelerom’s clients include medium-sized companies, multinationals, Fortune Global 500 corporations, and public bodies. Whether local or international, in the B2C or B2B sector, our research-based management consulting services consistently help our clients to achieve measurably greater success.

Accelerom’s Consulting Partners are directly available in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna, Milan, London and Zurich.

Contact (Switzerland, Germany, Austria):
Christoph Spengler, Managing Director -

Accelerom AG
Technoparkstrasse 1
CH-8005 Zurich

Phone  +41 44 445 29 15
Fax  +41 44 445 29 19

Accelerom, 360°TOUCHPOINT® is a registered trademark of Accelerom AG.

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