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7 junk hacks for a successful spring clean


As Britons prepare to embark on the annual spring clean, Clearabee offers expert advice for a stress-free dejunk

30 March 2015: While spend on DIY and home improvement projects has fallen in recent years, new research suggests that UK consumers will spend an average of £3,342 each [1] on home DIY and decoration in 2015 with the Easter holidays a key time for kicking off such projects.

But before the DIY and decorating comes the often daunting task of spring cleaning and decluttering. Junk removal firm, Clearabee removes thousands of tonnes of junk and other waste from domestic and commercial customers each year, so as Britons prepare to roll up their sleeves and clear the clutter, its founder and director, Daniel Long offers his 7 junk hacks for a successful spring clean.

  1. Have a plan (and follow it) - Decide what you want to dejunk and why and stick to it. Unless you have the time and commitment for a really big job, it can be better to approach a dejunking project systematically. Start with the one or two rooms or a space that needs to be dejunked most - often it's a garage, garden shed, spare room or cellar. "Trying to dejunk your whole house at once is a major undertaking” says Daniel “and one that can seem so huge you’ll never actually start, or you can quickly get swamped by.”
  2. Remember to focus - It also helps having a good reason to dejunk - the arrival of a new baby, visits from relatives, new furniture arriving, redecorating, for example. It really helps to remember that there’s a purpose and a good reason for you to get rid of all that stuff!
  3. Don’t sweat the little stuff (for now) - Clear the largest objects and bulky items first - that way you'll feel like you're making progress. It's too easy to get tied up in the detail of a dejunking project and simply decluttering small items with little overall impact. Of course, once the big stuff is cleared, then do move on to considering whether you actually need three almost identical brown belts.
  4. Call in the experts - Make the whole process less arduous and completed on time by getting the experts in. Junk removal businesses like Clearabee will remove a single bulky item to a full house clearance. Collections can be booked in for the very next day and the service is typically cheaper than skip hire and does not require permits or parking suspensions. Its junk collection teams do the hard graft for customers and are able to remove items not allowed in skips such as paint, TVs and fridges.
  5. Sort as you go – Put your junked items into one of three distinct piles. Stuff to gift or sell, stuff to recycle and stuff to throw. But once you’ve done this act quickly. There’s little point dejunking one room, only to have piles of stuff waiting to be removed in the hallway three weeks later. If an item is in really good condition, it might be worth contacting a charity to see whether they would be interested in collecting it. Between 85 and 100 per cent of the waste Clearabee collects is recycled or re-used and the firm actively chooses zero to landfill partners wherever possible.
  6. Reclaim your space - If you’re having trouble parting with item just think about when you last wore or used it? How many other similar things do you have? If that fails, how about thinking of your clutter not as harmless items lying around, but stuff that’s stealing your space!
  7. Keep on task - Know the difference between dejunking and reorganisation and don’t fall into the trap of simply rearranging your clutter or finding new storage for it. Daniel explains: “This can happen all too easily in a dejunking project. Instead of actually reducing the amount of stuff we have, it’s all too easy for us to buy new storage to put it in – from a linen chest in the spare room to a set of shelves in the garage. It might look a little neater for a while, but what’s the point of keeping hold of stuff we don’t actually ever use?”

[1] Research from Nationwide Building Society – September 2014


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Clearabee ( is a rapidly growing business providing on-demand junk clearance and rubbish removal services to thousands of domestic and commercial customers across the UK each month. Based in Birmingham, it operates a fleet of 20 vehicles from eight depots across the UK. Clearabee is licenced by the Environment Agency, accredited by the Contractors Health and Safety scheme and is an affiliated member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management. More than 85 per cent of the waste collected by Clearabee is recycled or reused. Clearabee actively chooses zero-to-landfill waste processing partners wherever possible.