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8e6 Technologies Introduces Quota and Time-Based Internet Filtering to Manage Olympics-Related Streaming Media


8e6 R3000 version 2.1 enhances administration control, safe search and protocol support

London, U.K. – July 29, 2008 – 8e6 Technologies, an Internet security and insider threat management provider, today announced the release of the 8e6 R3000 Internet Filter version 2.1, the latest upgrade to the company’s flagship filtering solution. The major upgrade features expansions to the filter’s Safe Search function adding support to and the AOL search engine. Additionally, the release includes increased administration capabilities and introduces several new filtering controls that will aid IT managers in time for the highly Web-accessible Beijing Olympics.

For the first time in the United States, Olympic enthusiasts will be able to access live streaming coverage of the Summer Games as it happens. During the Games’ 17-day run, plans to offer 2,200 hours of live streaming video and a total of more than 3,500 hours of exclusive on-demand video. IT managers can expect both a surge of interest in following the games online and unregulated access that could trigger network bandwidth overloads and loss of productivity. While IT administrators may attempt to completely block access to any types of streaming media during this time, total restriction may encourage many to bypass the network filter altogether via Web-based proxies.

“Every organization should be able to appropriate their filter to fit the culture of their company and Acceptable Use Policy,” said Eric Lundbohm, vice president of marketing at 8e6 Technologies. “We aim to provide not only a best-of-breed filtering solution but the highest quality user experience, and this release focuses on usability for our customers and smart expansions to popular features. Administrators can now control their Internet Security Policies, and provide real-time and detailed forensic reporting on the enforcement of those policies using 8e6 Professional Edition.”

The 8e6 R3000 v2.1 now offers filtering based on new criteria such as enhanced quota, calendar and an expanded time-based function; adding additional layers of control that will help manage the network during daytime sporting events such as the Olympics and March Madness. During the Olympics, administrators may want to allow 30 minutes of access a day to the streamed events, which allows employees to follow the games but also enforces responsible network use.

With quota-based filtering, administrators can choose specific categories like “Sports,” “Streaming Media,” or “Shopping” and set user or group quotas to allow as much or as little access to these categories, or any combination of categories, as deemed appropriate. Additionally, IT administrators can utilize time and calendar-based filtering to regulate Internet access by time of the day then apply time profiles to calendar days. For example, administrators can choose to allow access to sites during the lunch hour, or ease up on Web access restrictions after regular work hours.

New features include the following:
• Quota-Based Filtering – Time quotas can now be set per user or per group for each of the 100+ database categories. Quotas are set in increments of minutes.
• Overall Group Quota – Users can be limited to a time quota for the combined use of restricted categories. Overall group quotas can be set on IP Groups, Authentication Groups and Users.
• Time-Based Profiles for Authenticated Users – Previously available for IP Group users, administrators can set profiles for both IP Group and Authenticated Users to block categories access based on time of day.
• Calendar-Based Time Profiles – Time profiles can be set to the calendar by day, day of the week or day of the month. Recurrences can be configured for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly settings.
• Multi-Tiered Administration of Active Directory and LDAP Profiles – Administrators can define sub-administrator access control to their policy for specific AD/LDAP Groups and Users in addition to the existing control of IP Group users.
• Expansion of safe search to new search engines – The 8e6 R3000’s popular Google and Yahoo Safe Search features have been expanded to include and the AOL search engine.
• Real Time Authentication Profile Updates – Eliminates re-login requirements for updates to authentication profiles by updating changes as they are made.
• Support for ICAP – The 8e6 R3000 now supports ICAP protocol that allows a proxy device to communicate with the R3000.
• Additional enhancements, including: User IP, username, category and site included in end user emails sourced from a block page; improved performance of per-group exception URLs; and searchable profiles to include group information and profile type

“As a growing regional financial organization, we require certain safeguards to ensure a secure and efficient network environment, of which Internet filtering is a core element. We had become increasingly frustrated with our existing software-based solution and shopped around for alternatives," said Dave Randall, vice president of technology and information security administrator for BankPlus, a current Beta tester of the 2.1 version of the 8e6 R3000-IR Internet Filter. “We are impressed by the level of customization and flexibility afforded by 8e6 Technologies’ appliance-based Internet filter. It was easy to install, is easy to manage and it does everything 8e6 promised it could do.”

8e6 Technologies is one of the fastest-growing appliance providers in the security industry.  With a 15 percent increase in total customers during the first six months of 2008 and many deployments upwards of 4,000 or more seats per customer, the company facilitates a safe and productive work or learning environment for millions of Internet users around the globe. 8e6 Technologies’ recent acclaim includes: SC Magazine’s Web Filtering “Best Buy” among other leading Web filtering solutions for two years in a row, The Technology Council of Southern California’s “Network and Security Company of the Year” and Technology and Learning’s “Award of Excellence.”

Pricing and availability
The 8e6 R3000 v2.1 is now available. For more information, visit or call +1 888 786 7999

About 8e6 Technologies
8e6 Technologies is the leading independent provider of Internet security and insider threat management solutions for government, education and mid-size to large enterprises, protecting millions of users worldwide. The company's award-winning appliance suite requires no additional infrastructure or software to install, resulting in lower total cost. 8e6 is recognized for its real-time analysis, reporting capabilities and unmatched forensics that helps ensure student safety and reduce security, legal and compliance risk. The company's solutions are customizable to meet individual customer requirements, yet are powerful enough to meet the performance demands of state-wide agencies and large districts.  A Web filtering pioneer since 1995, the company maintains headquarters in Orange, California, and has a network of channel partners worldwide. For more information, please call +1 888 786 7999 or visit

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