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A new Marketplace for simulation, modelling and data analytics helps European companies be more competitive


Edinburgh, December 19th, 2018: The Fortissimo Marketplace ( is free to register, offers fast, on-demand and pay-per-use access to High Performance Computing (HPC) services. It matches service providers to users` requirements, handling set up, project management and billing. Such services remove the need to invest in HPC hardware and software leading to decreased costs and faster time to market particularly for small companies who would otherwise not be able to use HPC solutions.

Whilst HPC is available to large companies, the costs of owning and maintaining a suitable infrastructure are beyond the financial capabilities of SMEs and mid-caps. The Fortissimo Marketplace enables such companies to be globally competitive and more profitable through the use of simulation and “big data” services running on an HPC Cloud infrastructure in a cost-efficient way.

At the centre of the Fortissimo Project were 79 success stories documenting the use and benefits of Cloud-based HPC services for advanced simulation and data analytics. These have resulted in a set of commercially relevant services running on an HPC infrastructure provided by the project partners.

Two examples of successfully conducted and published success stories are:

Project Details
Duration: July 1st 2013 – December 31st 2018
Total Budget: 32.8 M€
EU Contribution: 26 M€

For more information on the Fortissimo Marketplace contact: