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A1 Slovenija Chooses Secucloud: Telco Protects Customers with Cloud-Based Security Service


Collaboration with German security specialist opens up new revenue stream

Hamburg, Germany. 4 October 2018 – Countries wanting to come out on top in the race to digital transformation need to actively drive their initiatives forward. This was the assumption by the Slovenian government in January 2018, when its Ministry of Public Administration published an overview of ideas and proposals for further expanding and supporting the country's digital transformation. For the Slovenian telecommunications and mobile provider A1 Slovenija, this was one of the reasons for its decision to rapidly adopt modern technology for centralized and efficient protection against threats to all types of connected devices. To achieve this, the company – a 100% subsidiary of the Telekom Austria Group, one of the largest mobile providers in central and eastern Europe with over 24 million customers – is working with the German security specialist Secucloud. Starting in October, the telco will be protecting its customers with a cloud-based security service that safeguards their connected devices against cyber-attacks and malware without impacting performance.

“Technological progress should always keep pace with security requirements if digital transformation is to succeed,” says Janez Križan, director of Digital Transformation and Innovations at A1 Slovenija. “In these days, mobile device security threats are both increasing in number and evolving in scope. To protect devices and data, users must both understand common threats and with Secucloud we can offer customers a subscription based service that will keep them safe all the time.”

Security from the cloud to fight threats in the cloud
The company is planning to kick off its cloud-based security service in October, making it available to both home and mobile customers in a phased approach over three months. The service is based on Secucloud’s Advanced Security Suite, which protects internet users from online threats like viruses, Trojans and harmful malware. Once activated, it automatically routes all internet traffic through Secucloud’s Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2), where it is checked for damaging content using a combination of powerful security mechanisms. These include anti-phishing, anti-malware, anti-bot, anti-hacking and anti-anonymizer tools. If the solution detects any threats, it blocks the harmful data packets automatically before they reach the user’s device.

“Cyber-crooks don’t hesitate to exploit new digital technologies for their own criminal purposes,” notes Secucloud CEO Dennis Monner. “That’s why we should also not hesitate to defend ourselves against them using state-of-the-art technology. With our cloud-based approach to security, we’re helping telcos around the world achieve that. And this approach is seeing more and more take-up: following on from our recent customer wins of large mobile providers like VinaPhone in Asia and Ooredoo in the Arab region, we’re pleased to be adding another well-known European telco, A1 Slovenija, to our customer base.”

Further information:
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Tel.: +49 (0) 180 5 015 437
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About A1 Slovenija
A1 Slovenija is the leading private provider of integrated communication services in Slovenia. More than 500 employees are committed to creating solutions that enrich life in the digital age to more than 700.000 users. A1 Slovenia develops meaningful communication solutions that fulfil current and emerging needs of users so they will experience work play, creating, and sharing in a more connected way.

A1 Slovenija is in a 100-percent ownership of Telekom Austria Group (ATX:TKA) and is an important part of the leading digital solutions and communications provider in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 24 million users in 8 countries, more than 4 billion EUR income and more than 17.500 employees. The Group is the European unit of América Móvil, the third largest provider of wireless services in the world.

A1 Slovenija began offering its services in March 1999 as the first privately owned mobile operator in Slovenia. It has been retaining a position of a pioneer in the mobile communication field and constantly strengthening its position in the integrated communications market ever since. A1 Slovenija is using advanced technology to enable the users to shape the experience they want to live.

About Secucloud
The international security specialist Secucloud provides telecommunications and mobile telephony companies with a comprehensive, completely cloud-based, enterprise-class security system. With its international partnerships and group contracts with multiple well-known telcos, Secucloud already reaches just under 1 billion subscribers around the world. The modular Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2) is installed directly into the carrier’s network infrastructure, enabling it to protect its customers from all cyber-threats on the internet in a centralized way. Customers do not need to install any software on their devices, so no setup or maintenance is required. The Secucloud solution scales elastically and can protect more than 100 million users effectively and in real time. While customers are surfing the web, the various analyzers in ECS2 scan all data traffic for malicious and damaging content. To ensure extensive protection, Secucloud combines multiple powerful security technologies, including multi-AV engines, next generation firewall, packet analyzers (including deep packet inspection as well as IDS and IPS systems), global cloud intelligence, DNS layer analyzers, SSL scan decision, trust & reputation analyzers, APT sandbox analyzers and content analyzers.

Further information about the company and its solutions is available on