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AI helps home users detect and prevent unknown cyber threats


SecureAge adds Automatic Mode to SecureAPlus

13 August 2020 - SecureAge Technology has announced the addition of a new feature to its SecureAPlus application control solution so that home users don’t need to become cyber security experts. Automatic Mode allows the SecureAPlus AI engine to build personalised ‘allow lists’ without user input, preventing malicious files from causing irreparable damage – a timely solution that helps secure the gap between company networks and home devices.

SecureAge Logo
SecureAge Logo

According to the independent IT security institute AV-TEST [1], 350,000 new malicious malwares are released daily, and this number continues to rise as attackers look to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic and increase in home workers. Traditional antivirus solutions only catch known threats already on ‘deny lists’, so even the best industry standard AI powered threat detection rates of 99% leave systems and end users vulnerable to the remaining unknown malware.

While SecureAPlus is VB100 certified like other endpoint detection solutions [2], the difference is that for threats that fall outside the 99% detection, SecureAPlus will deny-by-default and then provide ‘Recommended Actions’ to guide users in making the final decision. Competitive approaches simply apply blanket rules to threats they detect, such as delete or quarantine, which can have unintended consequences. SecureAPlus blocks first and then asks for guidance when it knows it needs it.

“At SecureAge we place security and usability on equal footing so Automatic Mode is designed as a safe haven for non-tech savvy users that keeps disruption to an absolute minimum,” said Dr Ngair Teow-Hin, CEO of SecureAge Technology. “Operating in the background, Automatic Mode cannot be disabled or manipulated, and security prompts only appear when the AI requires human input. Enterprise users and advanced home users will be pleased to hear that any action that is taken in Automatic Mode is non-destructive and easily reversible.”

SecureAPlus first launched in 2014 and quickly found a following from enterprise and tech enthusiasts across 157 countries. Not only were these users able to install SecureAPlus while maintaining compatibility with their antivirus solutions, it also enabled them to analyse new and unknown threats and the impacts of applying different methods to deal with them. The only problem was that without some awareness of cybersecurity basics, smaller organisations and less-advanced home users could not enjoy the same benefits.

“SecureAPlus with Automatic Mode now means that IT admins and ‘friends and family’ technical experts will no longer be pestered by calls for advice whenever users get a security prompt,” added Nigel Thorpe, technical director at SecureAge.

To find out more or download SecureAPlus, visit All versions include Auto-Mode and existing users can update to version 6.3 and above to benefit from this new feature.


About SecureAge Technology
SecureAge Technology is a rapidly growing data security company that places security and usability on equal footing. Headquartered in Singapore, we are trusted by governments, research institutes, and forward-thinking organizations to protect them from the most advanced and persistent cyber threats in the world. What makes SecureAge different, is we have built a reputation for data-centric and intuitive security solutions that protect data not only when it is stored, but also when it is in use, and in transit. We have achieved this by holding strong reign on our belief that users shouldn’t have to become cybersecurity experts to escape data liabilities. Instead, encryption should be inherent, invisible, and instinctive. To protect data when it is most vulnerable, security must take place at the file-level, operate silently in the background, and support the way in which people collaborate. That’s why our users can divert their resources to focus on other challenges – SecureAge users enjoy 100% file-level security, every file, every place, and every time.

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