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ASPIDER Next Gen Innovation Merger

Merger helps ASPIDER increase cloud based services for mobile analytics and social network integration

Netherlands and Boston - November 18, 2014.  ASPIDER announced the merger with Next Gen Innovation to enhance its portfolio of real-time services for mobile operators.  The merger also accelerates ASPIDER's global product strategy targeting MNO, MVNO, M2M, IOT and OTT players with a series of disruptive solutions.

Next Gen Innovation offers a range of analytics, integration and value-added services delivered from the cloud using Hadoop infrastructure.

 - NextGen Social: designed to help acquire and engage customers, providing opportunities to increase the base and stimulate usage.

 - NextGen DCB: provides direct carrier billing solutions for integration into digital distribution platforms including Google Play. 

 - NextGen VAS: delivers real-time solutions for loyalty, rewards and cross selling with the tools to manage promotions and churn.

 - NextGen Big Data: meaningful analytics to convert customer behaviors and characteristics into insightful analytics that drive revenue.

"This transaction provides increased agility for us, both in architecture and infrastructure" said Luis Carrera Group CEO, Chris Woodhams, CEO at Next Gen Innovation commented "ASPIDER has the operational process and platforms to support scalable delivery, now we have both the 24x7 infrastructure, and the ISAE compliance to support our clients' operational needs."

About Next Gen Innovation
Next Gen Innovation delivers experience and engagement driven communication services that meet human centric values within the wider digital economy. Next Gen Innovation changes the commercial model by delivering core network functions As-A-Service model instead of traditional CAPEX.  Next Gen Innovation deliver services to operators and brands included Analytics and Campaign Management, Core Network VAS, Payment Gateway and social network integration. For more information, visit

ASPIDER delivers branded MVNE mobile services for operators, OEMs and brands. ASPIDER is an operator independent supplier of complete solutions for mobile voice, data and content requirements. Services are designed for rapid development of mobile revenue streams where Clients use "configure on-demand" IaaS approaches based on ASPIDER Core Mobile network, OSS/BSS, Care and Billing. With over 70 clients around the world, ASPIDER delivers solutions designed to minimize both investment and time to market-from traditional M2M and MVNO projects, to OTT and IoT OEM solutions for consumer connectivity. For more information, visit