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Agrantec Signs First Large Enterprise Customers to NotaZone Tracing Platform


Agrantec now supports one of the UK’s largest ethical food industry associations on the NotaZone food production tracing platform.

Bristol, 17 March 2016
Agrantec, the UK-based developer of software solutions to help small producers save time and gain value, has won new enterprise customers to the NotaZone platform.

NotaZone logo
NotaZone logo

NotaZone is a new way of tracking food as it moves through the production process, all the way onto the supermarket shelf. NotaZone enables easy regulatory compliance, automatic documentation and even helps differentiate produce against competition.

“We’re very pleased to see the NotaZone system gaining traction with some very large and influential business customers,” said Martin Coates, Managing Director. “NotaZone has been designed to support the needs of large organizations as well as small producers, and we’re pleased to be able to welcome and support one of the UK’s leading food production associations.”

NotaZone offers a suite of 8 modules that allow producers to log every movement of a food product as it transits through a production supply chain. NotaZone modules focus on everyday time-consuming activities such as

  • HACCP compliance
  • Warehouse stock levels
  • Produce freshness
  • Cold chain assurance
  • Quality control
  • Documentation management

Even better, NotaZone doesn't just save money, it helps producers make more. Logged production data can be used to inform end customers about production methods through FollowThisFood (, explaining the value of high quality produce and defending premium pricing.

"We looked at all the paperwork headaches plaguing producers and created a system that simplifies the entire process, making it almost automatic to comply with regulations," said Andy Bingham, CTO. "All that valuable production and quality data also helps high quality producers to differentiate directly on the supermarket shelf. Through we can use that data to help prove authenticity and quality, build trust, and enhance retail positioning and price - even for the smallest local brands. NotaZone is a fast, flexible, reliable way to store, manage and retrieve supply chain data, and use it to make a difference to a farm’s finances."

About Agrantec
The Agrantec team took a long, hard look at the way that farming and the food supply chain worked. They decided that they could do something to improve both ecosystems. Food is a supply chain unlike any other. Consumers who have a keen interest in knowing exactly what has been done to their food from the beginning of the food chain to the end can find out more from For primary producers, e.g. farmers or fishermen, the job is less about competition and more about doing a great job producing quality food and managing the environment in a sustainable way on a global playing field. There is much greater scope for co-operation and collaboration than in many other types of supply chain, and Agrantec has developed the NotaZone platform to allow a more streamlined, automated and collaborative approach than ever before.

Chris Larmour
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