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Agrantec joins Taste of the West to Highlight Need for Food Provenance


Bristol, UK 7 June 2016
Bristol food tracing specialist Agrantec has joined Taste of the West, the largest independent regional food group in the UK, to help drive attention to the need for transparency about food sourcing and provenance.

Taste of the West is a unique organisation for food and drink producers, distributors, restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, farm shops and speciality retailers based in the South West of Britain. Taste of the West represents more than 1,000 members, each passionate about the provenance and quality of the products they make, serve or sell.

Agrantec logo
Agrantec logo

Agrantec offers a simple, effective software system to allow producers to save time, reduce cost and defend retail prices, with modules that support automatic production tracing, easy HACCPs compliance, warehouse stock management and production quality control.

“Joining Taste of the West illustrates our commitment to ensuring that we support the best of what British producers have to offer,“ said Martin Coates, Managing Director of Agrantec. “Several industry associations are now using our NotaZone platform to track high quality produce from farm to fork, and we’re also able to offer the general public insight into that data through is a public website that allows consumers to scan product labels and trace individual packages directly back to the original farm or producer, even down to the field or animal. Each producer gives information about their production methods and ethical standards, allowing consumers to understand the value behind a price label.

“Taste of the West is all about ensuring high quality produce gets the recognition it fully deserves”, said John Sheaves, CEO of Taste of the West. “And we’re happy to welcome Agrantec as a new affiliate member who focuses on demonstrating this quality to the retail consumer through smarter labelling and exciting new technology.”


About Taste of the West
Established in 1991, Taste of the West is the leading food and drink organisation for the South West boosting market demand for regionally sourced food and drink, building innovative and effective food supply chains and helping small and medium sized food and drink businesses to flourish.

Taste of the West works with producers, processors, retailers, wholesalers and caterers plus associated businesses, aiming to expand their markets and improve their professionalism and competitiveness.

The aim of the Taste of the West Awards is to acknowledge food and drink of the highest quality produced in the South West and those establishments committed to serving regional produce to their guests. The South West incorporates Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

For more information about Taste of the West, visit or contact Taste of the West on 01404 822012

About Agrantec
The Agrantec team took a long, hard look at the way that farming and the food supply chain worked. They decided that they could do something to improve both ecosystems. Food is a supply chain unlike any other. Consumers who have a keen interest in knowing exactly what has been done to their food from the beginning of the food chain to the end can find out more from

For primary producers, e.g. farmers or fishermen, the job is less about competition and more about doing a great job producing quality food and managing the environment in a sustainable way on a global playing field. There is much greater scope for co-operation and collaboration than in many other types of supply chain, and Agrantec has developed the NotaZone platform to allow a more streamlined, automated and collaborative approach than ever before.

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