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Amity Partners with Leadership Platform Ritrovo to Enable Future Leaders around the Globe


London, July 29th, 2021: Amity, the Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider for social features and experiences, today announces its partnership with London-based Ritrovo to power its platform for personalised leadership development and help close the global leadership skills gap.

Ritrovo is working to enable aspiring leaders with access to a global platform that supports their leadership growth through knowledge share, engagement, networking, insightful content, and bespoke support. Research is making the case that many young talents are better educated than previous generations but do not possess the social skills or confidence for the workplace, are not able to develop business relationships of trust nor believe in their own abilities. If companies are to build new sustainable business models, this needs support. It will be one of the major battlegrounds in the next few years.

Francesca Gargaglia, COO & CBO, Amity
Francesca Gargaglia, COO & CBO, Amity

Through the platform, aspiring talent will be able to share content and knowledge, access global leadership insights, connect via message, launch group conferences, and attend virtual events with one another regardless of industry, geography or language. Amity will enable these connections by providing Ritrovo with Amity Social Cloud, which will give it access to Amity Chat, Amity Video and Amity Social.

Simon Halliday, Co-Founder, Ritrovo said: “Leadership skills are in demand, but they are also in short supply. The Open University’s Business Barometer 2020 found that two in five employers are struggling to find candidates with leadership skills, while a further 38% said they are failing to find candidates with relevant managerial skills. This is a real problem for the business world of today. Through the creation of our platform at Ritrovo, we are working to close this leadership gap by connecting leaders and young talent from around the globe and enabling them to learn from one another”.

“Our partnership with Amity will allow us to create an engaging experience for our users by leveraging the best aspects of the most popular social networks. Our app is all about learning through interactions, and Amity’s platform is really the driving force powering these interactions,” Halliday added.

Francesca Gargaglia, COO & CBO, Amity said: “We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Ritrovo – our first in the UK market. By adding our social features to their platform Ritrovo will be able to boost engagement and retention amongst its user base of young aspiring leaders, aiding their development as a result.”

About Amity
Amity is the leading technology platform that powers in-app social experiences. Amity’s platform is used by more than 10 million people every month, powering in-app social experiences and social networks for more than 120 large organisations. Amity Social Cloud, the company’s flagship platform, allows companies and developers to easily add plug-and-play social features to any app or digital platform. In a booming and crowded mobile app marketplace, this enables product and marketing teams to build communities, drive engagement, increase retention and grow revenues.

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