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Amplience launches Dynamic Content and redefines CMS for retail


LONDON, UK – May 8 2018 - Amplience, the platform for retail engagement, announces the release of Dynamic Content, the next iteration of the company’s CMS for retail.

Launched at this year’s Retail Engagement Summits in London and New York, Dynamic Content is a content production, management and delivery tool that allows retailers to deliver deeply engaging and targeted shopping experiences, across all channels and at any scale.

Uniquely, Dynamic Content facilitates the planning, scheduling and delivery of content across web, app and store channels from inside one platform, handing control to creative teams while simultaneously optimizing the content production process.

James Brooke, CEO of Amplience stated “The Amplience team is 100% focussed on the future of retail, and Dynamic Content is born of an unrivalled understanding of the challenges facing retailers around shopper engagement, content production and omnichannel delivery. Every feature of Dynamic Content has been developed as a result of listening to our customers, carrying out detailed diagnostics, and working out how best to empower content teams.”

Dynamic Content features a calendar interface which allows teams to plan and schedule campaign content directly from inside the software, effectively bringing together the work of content planners and creatives. The calendar allows users to scrub through time, drill in to dates and events and preview content at any moment, past, future and present.

Uniquely, marketers, planners and creatives can also now visualise how content will appear on any channel, without leaving their delivery platform. Dynamic Content features the ability to instantly preview how content will appear on desktop, mobile or app.

Unlike existing Web CMS solutions, Dynamic Content is built API first and is ‘headless’ in the sense that content is managed separately from content presentation. This separation enables content teams to work directly on building core content sets without having to simultaneously solve for all of the presentational contexts.

As a result, content produced using Dynamic Content is rendered on-demand in whatever format is required, at request time, enabling a Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) workflow that delivers a consistent shopping experience at every customer touchpoint.

James continues “Content now needs to be at the very core of retail strategy, and no other software vendor is able to provide the content and asset management capabilities, in the cloud, that branded manufactures and retailers now need to successfully engage with their customers.”

“Retailers are waking up to a new era, one in which the customer is entirely in control. This demands new content strategies designed to deepen shopper engagement using rich storytelling and contextual messaging. Shoppers are now mobile, they spend less time on the high street and more hours online. They engage with brands on social media, and apps via their phones, and increasingly using voice. Brands now need to fight to be part of their customers experiences. This requires revisiting content strategy, and adopting tools which facilitate the creation of rich, timely, and contextual shopping experiences.”

The speedy adoption of Dynamic Content also signals fundamental changes in content production processes, as retailers elect for more agile tools and processes. Retailers are finally beginning to acknowledge that their current content production processes, featuring outdated tools, siloed content, and disjointed teams, are inefficient and no longer fit for purpose.

Because Dynamic Content allows for the creation, optimization and scheduling of content from inside one single platform, wasteful tasks and complicated hand-offs are significantly reduced. The result is a more optimised and efficient process, further enabling teams to deliver the volume and variety of content now required to meet today’s retail engagement challenge. This means the delivery of more time-sensitive promotions into key channels, and driving engagement and conversion through persuasive content and rich storytelling.

James summarises “Retailers must now place their customers at the very heart of their content strategy, optimise their processes and leverage the latest technologies designed to engage shoppers in this mobile-first world. Dynamic Content allows retailers to do what they do best – it gives them the freedom to create, and the power to persuade, across all platforms, and at any scale.”


Amplience was founded in London in 2008 and has been dedicated to integrating content with commerce to help retailers deliver rich shopping experiences and boost customer engagement. In 2017, Amplience delivered over 20 new significant cloud-platform features, with no customer down time or upgrade cost. Traffic on the platform scaled significantly, and in November 2017 (Black Friday peak), Amplience delivered 171 billion content objects, equivalent to 7.5 petabytes of bandwidth, which at peak was 154,000 requests per a second – supporting over 2 million shopper journeys per hour.

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About Amplience
The Amplience Retail Engagement platform signals the end of today's content production and publishing bottlenecks, accelerating processes and transforming assets into reusable, highly engaging digital content that can be delivered consistently across every customer segment, channel and locale.

With Amplience, retailers finally have the velocity of continuously fresh content required to convert customers at every point of inspiration, driving higher sales and productivity - all without scaling up the team.

More than 200 of the world's leading brands, including Tumi, Crate & Barrel, Shop Direct, Liberty of London, Mulberry, and Boohoo benefit from Amplience's specialised digital shopping expertise.

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