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Android security solution test: Secucloud app gets top ranking with 100 per cent detection rate


Secucloud’s detection rate gives it number one spot among all the solutions that use CPU resources most sparingly when tested under realistic conditions (median score 0.00 per cent)

Hamburg, Germany. 24 April 2017 – This is already the second time that the independent IT security institute AV-TEST has examined the cloud-based mobile security solution from the German provider Secucloud. And it is also the second time that the solution convinced the testers with its excellent results. In the new test, Secucloud Endpoint Protection achieved an even better score than in the AV-TEST comparison of Android security solutions last September. With a detection rate of 99.92 at that time, the solution went straight into the top 5 of the 27 products tested by AV-TEST. Now, in the test for threats known in the four weeks prior to the time of the comparison in March 2017, the Secucloud app achieved a perfect detection rate of 100 per cent.

Along with known threats, the solution also reliably detects the latest Android malware in real time. With this test, the Secucloud app achieved a detection rate of 99.90 per cent, placing it in the top seven solutions in this test category. Secucloud Endpoint Protection also stands out with its minimal use of CPU resources. With average CPU utilisation of 0.00 when running in real-life conditions, the solution has no noticeable impact on performance or battery life. Compared with the solutions in the test that also achieved a median CPU utilisation score of 0.00 per cent, Secucloud Endpoint Protection is ranked in first place due to its very good detection rate. The Secucloud solution is also very efficient when new apps are installed. While most of the tested solutions had CPU utilisation rates of between 35 and 75 per cent during the installation of a new app, the Secucloud solution indicated usage of just 0.87 per cent, making it much more resource-friendly than the average.

“With the way mobile devices are becoming an essential part of all areas of our lives, it’s clear that users can no longer do without powerful protection for them,” says Dennis Monner, CEO of Secucloud. “But even the highest level of protection shouldn’t mean that users have to put up with compromised performance or battery life. That would just make the security solution impractical. Our security app is entirely cloud-based, which is why it only makes very sparing use of CPU resources in normal use – and that’s a clear advantage compared to traditional security approaches, as the test has confirmed. That’s given us the edge over many of our well-known competitors and enables us to achieve one of the best scores in the test in terms of the ratio between detection rate and CPU usage.”

Secucloud Endpoint Protection: Cloud-based protection for mobile devices
With the Endpoint Protection solution for Android, the German security specialist is extending its solution portfolio with a standalone security app that users can run separately from the company’s main cloud-based solution, the Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2). Like ECS2, Endpoint Protection is also based on Secucloud’s Global Cloud Intelligence technology, which analyses customers’ entire web traffic to detect malware and suspicious behaviour. That enables it to detect threats in real time and give users a comprehensive level of protection.

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AV-TEST GmbH is an independent supplier of services in the fields of IT Security and Antivirus Research, focusing on the detection and analysis of the latest malicious software and its use in comprehensive comparative testing of security products. Due to the timeliness of the testing data, malware can instantly be analyzed and categorized, trends within virus development can be detected early, and IT-security solutions can be tested and certified. The AV-TEST Institute’s results provide an exclusive basis of information helping vendors to optimize their products, special interest magazines to publish research data, and end users to make good product choices.

About Secucloud
Secucloud is the first German-based provider of a comprehensive, completely cloud-based, enterprise-class security system for telcos and mobile phone operators. The modular Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2) is installed directly into the carrier’s network infrastructure, enabling it to protect its customers from all cyber-threats on the internet in a centralised way. Customers do not need to install any software on their devices, so no setup or maintenance is required. The Secucloud solution scales elastically and can protect more than 100 million users effectively and in real time. While customers are surfing the web, the various analysers in ECS2 scan all data traffic for malicious and damaging content. To ensure extensive protection, Secucloud combines multiple powerful security technologies, including multi-AV engines, next generation firewall, packet analysers (including deep packet inspection as well as IDS and IPS systems), global cloud intelligence, DNS layer analysers, SSL scan decision, trust & reputation analysers, APT sandbox analysers and content analysers.

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