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Another piece in the DevOps puzzle – Redgate launches ReadyRoll at Build 2016


Cambridge, UK, March 31, 2016 – At the Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2016, Redgate is launching ReadyRoll, a key piece in the DevOps puzzle that addresses the pain often associated with managing database changes alongside the application.

It fills a gap in the software development process which, over the last decade, has seen significant improvements in reducing the cycle time between an idea and useable software. DevOps and Agile practices play a key part in enabling organizations to deliver value to customers sooner by enabling teams to work more collaboratively and productively.

Redgate ReadyRoll applies that same thinking to the database by enabling teams to develop and deploy databases in Visual Studio following a migrations-based approach. It removes the pain of managing SQL migration scripts by generating numerically ordered scripts to take schema from one version to the next. This allows teams to version control their database and application changes side-by-side from within Visual Studio, and enables them to build and release, and automate deployments, all in one process.

During the DevOps session at Build 2016, Data Platform MVP Steve Jones will join Microsoft Corp. to discuss the importance of including the database in DevOps processes. In a live demo, he’ll show how Redgate ReadyRoll integrates into Visual Studio Team Services to ensure continuous integration, and how automated release processes cover both the application and the database.

Daniel Nolan, who originally founded ReadyRoll and is now the Product Manager at Redgate, comments: “When I originally developed ReadyRoll, it was to solve a particular pain point I had when I was deploying databases. In the last nine months, Redgate has put enormous resources behind it and it’s fantastic seeing how more and more users are able to develop and release changes significantly faster because of ReadyRoll.”

Mitra Azizirad, General Manager, Cloud Application Development & Data, Microsoft Corp., said: “I am excited about offering a migrations-based approach to database change management from within Visual Studio. Applications and databases aren’t separate entities – they’re two sides of the same coin. Enabling teams to implement DevOps practices and manage database and application changes side-by-side is a key step towards improving team collaboration and productivity.”

As a long-standing ReadyRoll customer, John Adams of TrueBlue Inc. agrees: “This product is fantastic. It saves us a lot of time and makes our release process consistent and repeatable.”

To learn more, or download a free trial of Redgate ReadyRoll, visit Redgate online:

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