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AnyVan, changing the delivery and removals industry


Moving has never been looked at favourably. The tedious task of packing, the pain of heavy lifting and the hours spent calling around looking for the cheapest removal companies… it’s never been easy, but it’s an inescapable chore of life. So why not make it fun?

This is the idea behind AnyVan, an online delivery auction site on a mission to make moving easier. The company has been championing the delivery auction model in the UK for over 5 years and is one of the most used and trusted platforms on the net.

How it works?
The system is easy to use and can be broken down into 3 simple steps:

  1. Customers list their requirements on the site, specifying what they’re sending, where it’s coming from and where it’s going
  2. Transport providers, ranging from man with a van companies, to courier services, then compete to obtain the job, in a reverse auction, similar to eBay.
  3. Customers are contacted as quotes come in, and can then choose who completes their request, based on their preference of price, previous customer feedback and ratings.

Why use AnyVan?
The site is ideal for the increasing number of large and peculiar items, which customers need to transport easily and affordably. AnyVan has been able to sort out deliveries for items including colonies of live bees, as well as wrestling rings and lab equipment.

Of course customers can also transport everyday items and using the site, and are able to save an average of 75% doing so. This is in part due to the availability of part loads. Transporters are often already travelling along a route, which passes the customers required destination, allowing them to transport goods at a cheaper rate. This method of transportation is also environmentally friendly, with AnyVan helping to save over 28 million KGs of Co2 in 2014 alone.

Is it successful?
Since its launch in 2009, AnyVan has continued growing from strength to strength. Within a month of launch, the website had over 1500 registered transport companies, and as of February 2015 this number has grown to over 44,000.

AnyVan can also proudly boast over 1.4 million happy customers, with trust in the platform further supported by AnyVan’s 9.7 /10 rating on Trustpilot, putting the company in top spot in the relocation services category.

For more details, please contact Ehi Enaboifo on 020 3005 6000 or email