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Axios Systems – Committed to GDPR Readiness


02 March 2018 - Ahead of the imminent enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)*, Axios Systems has engaged with NCC Global Services to embed a comprehensive security program.

This program, aligned to ISO27001 and tracked to GDPR requirements, is reviewed regularly to ensure compliance from both the enterprise and its large global customer-base.

Axios acknowledges and welcomes the introduction of GDPR, the need for increased privacy for its customers and the chance to broaden its commitment to data protection.

Axios’ Commitment to GDPR
A strong supporter of GDPR, Axios remains steadfast in ensuring security and personal privacy for all its customers alongside European Union-wide guidelines.

Chris Rydings, Chief Technology Officer at Axios: “Axios use both staff control and technical measures to guarantee the highest security standards are maintained at all times. This includes staff background compliance checks and privacy by default. Additionally, technologies such as F5, Silverline, Encryption at rest and in transit as well as policy based controls for both Axios and its third party suppliers is mandated.”

Stricter policies to meet GDPR
The new regulation requires organizations to implement stricter security and privacy policies. Axios has updated its existing policy set, which includes data handling and working practices, and will comply with GDPR in all aspects of service delivery to its customers.

“As part of our collaboration with NCC, GDPR workshops have been held in our offices. As we move forward, we are training our employees, both current and future, and aim to develop GDPR awareness as an integral element to our company culture,” says Rydings.

What can the market expect from Axios post-GDPR implementation?
Axios supports its customers on their journey to GDPR compliance through its comprehensive assyst suite incorporating IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) toolsets.

It also provides consultancy and support to help customers get ready for the GDPR enforcement on 25th May 2018. As part of its current roadmap, Axios is actively engaging with regulatory bodies to keep abreast of legislative changes and remain compliant.

“Data Protection is a continuously evolving element of the IT industry. Our aim at Axios is to be agile and ahead of the curve to provide the required visibility and speed of response. Security of our customers’ data is a paramount concern and it is up to us to protect it as much as it can be while remaining compliant,” says Rydings.

Axios will continue to partner with its customers to maintain high security standards and to give them assurance that it is fully on-board with its GDPR provision.

*The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a privacy law designed to re-shape the way organizations approach data privacy. Enacted in April 2016, it will be enforced across Europe from 25th May 2018, with organizations found non-compliant facing large fines.

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