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Becrypt extends secure device as a service offering, combining full device life-cycle management, with government-accredited security


Becrypt enables organisations to reduce the burden on in-house IT resources, while scaling remote working and the secure use of cloud services.

London, 2 July 2020 - Working with leading hardware manufacturers, Becrypt’s Paradox Edge Device as a Service (DaaS) solution now provides accredited endpoint security throughout the entire device lifecycle – from laptop imaging to decommissioning. With unique hardware-enforced device health measurements, Paradox Edge ensures endpoint devices remain in a known healthy state throughout their life – free of common malware - dramatically reducing risk, cost and complexity of end point environments. Paradox Edge includes a managed service offering, removing the overhead and time required to deploy new endpoint environments. With support for popular business laptops out of the box, such as the Dell Latitude series, the solution provides a hardware-software combination pre-configured and optimised for secure cloud access.

Bernard Parsons CEO of Becrypt explains “Many industry sectors have seen an increase in the adoption of DaaS for consuming endpoint devices, including their supply, support and life-cycle management, delivering on the promise of allowing organisations to focus their scarce IT resource on core business activities. DaaS uptake has grown in parallel with organisations increasing their general use of cloud-based services, given the maturity of cloud platform security. But just as cloud platforms need to be securely configured, monitored and maintained, so do the endpoints that access cloud services, and while DaaS may make endpoint management transparent, any deficiencies on the part of the DaaS provider may result not only in costly disruption, but potentially in regulatory failings. Paradox Edge brings a new level of security to the DaaS model, making it an easier and safer option for security-conscious organisations”.

Parsons continues, “Recent years have seen a gradual shift from a ‘detect’ mentality towards ‘prevent’ as the basis for robust endpoint security. A recent project funded by the National Cyber Security Center referred to as CloudClient, demonstrated how robust health measurements could be applied to all software running on an endpoint device, and used to control access to online services, ensuring connecting devices are free of common malware and ransomware. The technology now deployed widely across government and industry, underpins the Paradox Edge security model, and we’re delighted to be working now with device manufactures to bring this capability to wider markets even more cost effectively”.

About Becrypt
Becrypt is an agile London-based UK SME with almost 20 years cyber security expertise, established through the development and delivery of End User Device platforms. We supply governments and security-conscious commercial organisations, large and small, with a range of security solutions and services, from endpoint and mobile, to cloud security management. Find out more at

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