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Biomni and thoughtonomy announce partnership to deliver integrated request management portal and robotic process automation


Biomni, a recognised innovator in user-centric service catalogue and request management portal technology, today announced a partnership with thoughtonomy, whose innovative automation solution uses Robotic Process Automation to remove manual activities from service and support operations.

April 29th, 2014


Recognising the opportunity to offer customers worldwide the ability to automate the execution of a broader range of service and support tasks through their comprehensive FrontOffice request management portal, Biomni have worked with thoughtonomy to integrate the FrontOffice portal with thoughtonomy’s innovative and highly flexible robotic automation solution for service and support operations. With the integrated offering, a vast range of typically complex, time consuming, manually intensive and/or error-susceptible processes  across all manner of systems and applications can be initiated and fully executed from Biomni’s secure user self-service portal.  Because thoughtonomy use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate service and support tasks, any structured manual task across any type of system, application or interface can be automated without any need for complex change programs, API development, deployment of agents or connectors, or redesign of existing processes. As a result, automation benefits of cost efficiency, compliance and error reduction can be realised in a matter of weeks. 

Speaking of the partnership, Biomni’s CEO Angus Gregory said “By offering customers the option of using robotic automation for request execution, regardless of the system, application, technology or interface in use, we can now deliver a broader range of activity automation much more rapidly, and without the need to develop custom APIs or connectors for each application or platform we interface to.”

“We are delighted to be working with Biomni, and to be able to offer clients an integrated solution for self-service execution of automated processes,” said Terry Walby, Chief Executive of thoughtonomy. “Once our virtual workforce has been taught a process, the FrontOffice portal can be used to offer end-users, customers or partners the ability to initiate process execution at the click of a button. Whether that is user admin tasks like resetting passwords, provisioning tasks like adding or increasing capacity, data gathering tasks like consolidating and reporting, incident management tasks like running diagnostics and tests, or many more besides, the FrontOffice platform can be configured to allow those actions to be requested, approved and completed, end to end, with minimal or no human touch.”

The partnership agreement is a bi-directional go to market, with Biomni offering robotic automation as an optional module alongside their FrontOffice application, and thoughtonomy offering the FrontOffice portal as an add-on to their core automation platform.

About Biomni
Biomni is an international pioneer of Service Catalog and Request Fulfilment solutions. With Biomni in play, IT departments transform into the agile business partner that the overall business demands. Biomni is ideal for the business customer who expects a self-service shopping experience with excellent customer service from IT. Biomni helps IT departments deliver and support an ever-increasing range of physical devices, software and virtual infrastructures

About thoughtonomy
thoughtonomy offer a groundbreaking new approach to automating manual activities in service operations through robotic process automation (RPA). Rather than deploying new tools, changing processes or writing complex system integrations, thoughtonomy technology uses RPA powered by industry leader Blue Prism to deploy a virtual workforce to automate processes and workloads across service and support operations. Trained to work as an exact replica of the activities and interactions of human operatives, "software robots" take on key functions which would otherwise require manual human intervention, linking systems, data and complex process workflow. Operating at machine speed, 24 hours a day, the virtual workforce is error free, reliable and highly scalable. The technology is available through dedicated on-premise implementations, or a range of subscription and as-a-service offerings.