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BISim demonstrates its VR-based flight simulator solution at ITEC 2016
BISim demonstrates its VR-based flight simulator solution at ITEC 2016
The simulator will be displayed during the Australasian Simulation Congress Sept. 26 -29 in Melbourne.
At BISim's booth #33, TerraSim will demonstrate Building Designer
At BISim's booth #33, TerraSim will demonstrate Building Designer
A rapid building generation software for VBS.

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Press Release

Bohemia Interactive Simulations Showcases VR-Based and Image Generation Technologies at Australasian Simulation Congress

Williamtown, Australia — Bohemia Interactive Simulations will showcase its latest Virtual Battlespace technologies for virtual reality-based training and image generation at the Australasian Simulation Congress (formerly SimTecT), which will be held in Melbourne, Victoria, from Sept. 26 - 29 at booth #33.

“BISim is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Australasian Simulation Congress this year and has supported the exhibition as a sponsor since 2011,” said Ryan Stephenson, general manager of BISim’s Australian operations. “Delegates at ASC will see a wide range of possible training uses for VBS demonstrated on various booths around the show floor. At the BISim booth, delegates will be able to see and participate in live demonstrations of the latest in off-the-shelf VR technologies.”

At BISim’s Booth
With a synthetic environment generated by VBS Blue, BISim’s prototype whole-earth rendering technology, the VR flight simulator combines the D-BOX Motion-Cueing System and Ausimtech sim chair and controllers with the Oculus Rift CV1 to provide a highly immersive training environment. An integrated Leap Motion hand-tracking sensor enables users to see their own hands in the virtual space and freely interact with a highly detailed virtual crew station that simulates the job performance environment. The avionics, weapon systems and flight models of an F-18 and artificially intelligent entities will be simulated by the Flex-Air application from SA Simulations.

BISim will also demonstrate VBS IG, our highly capable and cost-effective image generation solution, on a 4-metre dome provided by Immersaview in various modes of use including an observation post for a JTAC using SimCentric Technologies’ VBS3 Fires FST with virtual binoculars and a sniper training system. Applied Virtual Simulation is providing BISim with virtual binoculars and virtual sniper scope for this demonstration.

TerraSim and SimCentric Technologies will join BISim at booth #33 during the exhibition.

TerraSim, a BISim company that specializes in the development of advanced software solutions to automate geospatial source data preparation and terrain generation, will demonstrate the latest version of its flagship terrain database generation software TerraTools 5.2.1, its image classification software MaterialMAP 2, and its newest product Building Designer, an easy-to-use interface for simplifying the construction of geo-specific, enterable buildings models for VBS.

SimCentric will be showcasing VBS3 Fires FST, their accredited, full-spectrum Close Air Support training application combining the flexibility and stunning visuals of VBS, with a highly sophisticated Call For Fire training and simulation system. VBS3 Fires FST is designed to facilitate the training of Joint Terminal Attack Controllers and Joint Forward Observers, utilising an advanced internal AI engine to execute realistic aircraft flight patterns and attack profiles, without the need for a “pilot in the loop.” Simcentric will also be demonstrating their pattern of life product, Ambience, and other products to enhance the VBS training experience.

The Future of Game-Based Training
On Wednesday, Sept. 28, BISim Co-CEO Pete Morrison will participate as a speaker on a panel discussion titled “The Future of Game-Based Training.” The panel will discuss the evolution and research which is at the forefront of ‘serious’ game based training. Panellists will explore trusted autonomous game based training, dynamic behavioural analysis and user engagement. Others will predict the future of game based technology – and inspire our community to harness its explosive potential. Later that evening, BISim is sponsoring the Simulation Australasia Annual Awards dinner.

Distributed Training Exercise
BISim is pleased to participate in the DMT (Distributed Mission Training) event called Exercise Virtual Pacific (“VirPac”) 2016. This event will showcase the distributed simulation capabilities of different simulation systems across the industry for an amphibious and non-combatant evacuation operation. BISim will lead a vignette using VBS3 in combination with SimCentric. The vignette will demonstrate the launch of surface assault elements, a multi-user session with role players using the 4-meter dome at our booth and a desktop computer for ASLAV crew. SimCentric will support the vignette by providing UAV overwatch, ISR and targeting support driven by VBS3 FiresFST streamed in real time to the command and control centre to synchronise operational combat effects.

In another Exercise VirPac vignette, SimCentric Technologies and Cubic will demonstrate an indirect fire and CAS engagement against conventional targets using ground and UAV vector munitions. SimCentric will showcase VBS3 Fires FST and Ambience in the scenario while Cubic will demonstrate the ability to deliver the scenario to a streaming live feed to a JTAC tablet. BISim will support the scenario with a geo-specific terrain in VBS3.

BAE Systems will use VBS3 as part of a third vignette to demonstrate the Advanced Air Defence Simulator: an immersive team-trainer for the RBS70 surface-to-air missile. Integrated with the VBS3 product and connected to the Distributed Mission Training precinct, the AADS demonstrates the capacity of this system to be linked into other simulators and wider training scenarios with high definition graphics.

Contact to schedule a meeting with BISim to learn more or stop by Booth #33 during the show.

Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Founded in 2001, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation training solutions for military and civilian organizations. BISim utilizes the latest game-based technology and a large, experienced in-house team of engineers to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for military applications.