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Brand Embassy launches platform to help big brands meet demand for social customer service


LONDON / PRAGUE - JUNE 8, 2015 -- Today, Brand Embassy, an award winning digital customer service technology firm, announced the launch of their new customer service platform. Brand Embassy’s cloud-based SaaS brings digital customer service channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, live chat and discussion forums into one interface and then uses a variety of parameters like post influence and topic to intelligently route requests to the most relevant customer service agent. Brand Embassy also announces it has already signed up Vodafone, T-Mobile and GE Money for its platform.

As the global market leader in telco social customer service software, Brand Embassy has seen a shift in the way some of the world's largest brands like Vodafone approach customer service. When demand is low, social media management tools that capture a live stream of brand mentions are suitable for social customer service. Marketing managers can act as the liaison between requests made on social and contact center agents. But with even the slightest increase in demand the whole thing falls apart.

A 2014 study by McKinsey found, e-mail and telephonic voice have fallen from over 80% to about 60% of the telecoms communications portfolio over the past five years, while time spent on social networks has doubled. When consumers do use their phones, only about 20% of the time is for talking - down from over 60% just five years ago.

“We’ve seen a major change in the way our customers want to communicate with us,” says Phil Wilson, Social Media Communication Manager at Vodafone UK. “They demand more than just marketing on social media, they want customer service. We believe it’s our job to deliver that exceptional service. That’s why we’ve invested in customer service technology from Brand Embassy, and together we’re well on our way to achieving our goals.”

“Customers already have cutting edge technology in their pockets - it’s businesses who need to catch up,” says Vit Horky, co-founder and CEO of Brand Embassy. “Customers aren’t willing to wait on hold anymore to get customer service. They want to communicate with brands the same way they communicate with friends - on social media. It’s just easier.”

The many-to-many nature of social media creates a conversation that can get very complex, very quickly. Brand Embassy understands the complexity of a social thread and intelligently creates, prioritizes and routes requests to the most relevant person - everything from an email-turned-angry-Facebook post to a simple ‘thanks’ on Twitter is captured and appropriately assigned.

  • Integrated CRM gives agents real time customer data to provide a more personal and relevant customer experience
  • Intelligent Workflow identifies and sorts requests based on post influence, topics mentioned, language and source of origin, a critical feature for operations at scale
  • To Bee Done List automatically creates tickets from complicated social threads so agents don’t have to worry about missing an individual issue or question within a single post
  • Knowledge base allows agents to share information and save time with easily customizable predefined answers

“Our technology isn’t just a glorified Google alert for social media - it’s much smarter than that.” adds Horky.


About Brand Embassy
Brand Embassy is a digital customer service technology company that makes it easy for brands to be loved by today’s impatient social and mobile customers. Launched in 2011, Brand Embassy’s SaaS is now trusted by over 100 enterprise clients like Vodafone, T-Mobile, Samsung and GE Money. By unifying all digital customer service channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, live chat, forums and self service into one Social Customer Ecosystem customer service becomes efficient, personal and scalable.

Media Contact
Vit Horky
Co-founder and CEO of Brand Embassy
tel: +420 731 162 905