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British company launches multi-layer immune support formula


29 June 2020 - The last three months has seen an unprecedented surge in demand for products which support immune health with sales of vitamins and supplements soaring 19.5% in a four-week period alone [1]. British all-natural nutraceutical brand, Works With Water, predicts this trend will not only intensify, but is here to stay, as Brits emerge from lockdown and start to resume ‘normal’ life outside their homes.

In response, the company, in partnership with leading ingredients specialists, Nutraceuticals Group Europe, has brought forward the release of a UK first nutritional supplement. PRAVIRAL immune support® contains a blend of seven rigorously-researched immune protection ingredients, which Works With Water has labelled the ‘Super Seven’.

PRAVIRAL immune support
PRAVIRAL immune support

Providing a powerful multi-layer immune effect, PRAVIRAL immune support’s Super Seven includes Yeast Beta Glucan (1,3 /1,6) - a natural immune support with almost 1,000 clinical studies suggesting this ingredient can both prime and support the immune system in multiple ways, including the body’s first line of defence against viral and bacterial infection; Colostrum – rich in macronutrients, proteins and antibodies which kick start immune function in newborns and can provide a much needed boost to immune health throughout life; Oligofructose - a prebiotic fibre which aids gut health; while Vitamins A (Retinol), D3, B9 (Folic Acid) and Zinc are proven to support the body’s response to infection.

No other product on the market combines optimum doses of the Super Seven in one formulation. The efficacy of each of the seven ingredients - naturally sourced using the highest grades available - is backed up by extensive scientific evidence.[1]

“The immune system is central to health and wellbeing as it affects every part of your body. The stronger your immune system, the better your body can combat bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Maintaining a healthy immune system has never been more important,” says Jules Birch, Works With Water Nutraceuticals founder and managing director.

“While a balanced diet rich in vitamins is essential, supplements have a role to play in helping to boost immune defences. Sometimes though, knowing what, and how much to take can be overwhelming, particularly at the moment when there is a lot of attention around this subject and ingredient quality and concentration varies significantly between products.

“Our formulation is developed with this in mind; it’s simply a sachet containing a delicate balance of seven superstar immune health ingredients mixed into a hot or cold drink once a day,” said Jules.

A 14-day pack of PRAVIRAL immune support® retails for £13.99 and is suitable for vegetarians and diabetics. Visit for more information.

[1] The Grocer, 22 May 2020, Immunity to your door: healthcare and supplements category report 2020


For further information, to arrange an interview with Jules Birch or to request product samples, please contact Jules personally:
M: 07748344220

Seven super ingredients, and nothing else.


Rich in immune boosting macronutrients, lactoferrin and antibodies

1-3 / 1-6 Beta Glucan

Reduces inflammation and primes and supports the immune system


Prebiotic fibre from chicory root, improves mineral absorption in the gut, aiding digestive health

Vitamin A

Involved in the development of the immune system and regulating cellular immune response

Zinc Bisglycinate

Activates cells to fight pathogens and helps break down proteins in bacteria and viruses to slow infection

Vitamin D

Critical in activating immune defences, Vitamin D deficiency affects many people

Folic Acid (vitamin B9)

Helps to maintain immune function with potential to improve immune health in the elderly

The global nutraceuticals market is estimated to reach $722+ billion (USD) in the next seven years.

Notes to editors:

About Works With Water Nutraceuticals Limited (
PRAVIRAL immune support® is developed, manufactured, marketed and sold by Works With Water Nutraceuticals Limited – a UK based business founded in 2006 by Jules Birch.

The company formulates with functional ingredients that have solid, human-trialed science to support specific health claims for skin health and immune support.

Works With Water has a development and market expansion partnership with global ingredients specialists Nutraceuticals Group Europe. This global expertise and presence enables the development of highly effective nutritional products that are approved for use throughout Europe, US and Asia.

About Nutraceuticals Group Europe Ltd (
Nutraceutical Group Europe is the UK’s leading specialist in bringing active natural health ingredients to the UK market. Specialists within the technical, regulatory and quality aspects of new product development, they play a key role in helping its customers and partners develop new premium markets.

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