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CEO World Awards Honor German Security Specialist Secucloud


Judges’ panel impressed by cloud-based managed security service

Hamburg, Germany. 22 October 2018 – Awards are one of the criteria that IT managers can use to help them select a provider – and one example is the CEO World Awards. This annual accolade is dedicated to honoring the world’s best managers, innovations, products and services across all key industries. Over 80 judges from a variety of industry segments decide on the winners, which range from start-ups to midsized firms to large enterprises. Secucloud is one of the proud winners of this year’s award, which it won in the “Products, Upgrades, and Innovation of the Year” category for its Secuscaler solution.

Large corporations are not the only engine driving the economy. Small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) play a decisive role in defining the success of a particular business location or country. But they often lack the resources to protect their use of the internet from hacker and cybercriminal attacks as effectively as large companies. This implies a rethink on the part of security providers, who need to tailor their solutions more precisely to the requirements of SMEs.

This is exactly the reasoning behind Secucloud’s B2B products. The German IT specialist makes its cloud-based solutions available as a security-as-a-service offering, which gives service providers a comprehensive cross-selling opportunity with their customers. The solutions enable resellers in the Firewall as a Service segment to act as managed security service providers (MSSP), offering their SME customer base a package of powerful security technologies that can be scaled flexibly to their needs and are automatically kept up to date with no need for time-consuming maintenance.

“The SME segment is full of hidden champions – small and medium sized firms that the general public may never have heard of but who are world leaders in their specific sector,” says Dennis Monner, CEO of Secucloud. “Accordingly, their specialized knowledge and intellectual property stored in their systems is very valuable – and a highly attractive target for hackers and cybercriminals. No wonder attacks on small and midsized businesses are increasing at an alarming rate. These firms don’t often have the required time or resources to defend themselves in the same way as big corporations do – by using high-performance technology. That’s where our Secuscaler comes in. Managed security service providers can make strong, efficient cloud protection available to their customers, while relieving them of time-consuming implementation and maintenance work. Against this backdrop, we’re really delighted that the award jury has honored us for our approach.”

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About Secucloud
The international security specialist Secucloud provides telecommunications and mobile telephony companies with a comprehensive, completely cloud-based, enterprise-class security system. With its international partnerships and group contracts with multiple well-known telcos, Secucloud already reaches just under 1 billion subscribers around the world. The modular Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2) is installed directly into the carrier’s network infrastructure, enabling it to protect its customers from all cyber-threats on the internet in a centralized way. Customers do not need to install any software on their devices, so no setup or maintenance is required. The Secucloud solution scales elastically and can protect more than 100 million users effectively and in real time. While customers are surfing the web, the various analyzers in ECS2 scan all data traffic for malicious and damaging content. To ensure extensive protection, Secucloud combines multiple powerful security technologies, including multi-AV engines, next generation firewall, packet analyzers (including deep packet inspection as well as IDS and IPS systems), global cloud intelligence, DNS layer analyzers, SSL scan decision, trust & reputation analyzers, APT sandbox analyzers and content analyzers.

Further information about the company and its solutions is available on