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Canapii launches a free event management software to the global market


1 February 2021 - Canapii, a provider of event management software, has launched a free virtual event management solution, available immediately to the global market. The release offers organizations the ability to host virtual events for up to 75 users, entirely free of charge, from Canapii’s specialist events platform which is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands.

Canapii ( was launched in 2020 as a subsidiary of Canalys, the global leader in tech analysis. Born out of the devastation that Covid-19 caused to the events, Canapii’s unique event management platform uses digital tools and solutions to transform physical events into immersive online experiences.

Canapii logo
Canapii logo

With the events market expected to hit a recession that is estimated to take 6-12 months to recover from, the knock-on effect for businesses relying on this revenue source is significant. The University of Westminster’s recent survey highlighted that 40% of event providers are uncertain as to whether they will even survive the next 6 months.

Canapii hopes to empower organisations to embrace virtual events, offering an alternative method for event managers to create communities through which to promote the sharing of knowledge.

Canapii believes that beyond the pandemic, the future of events will be a hybrid mix of both physical and virtual attendance. This presents a multitude of benefits to both organisers and attendees, but also introduces a new conundrum to event managers, who run the risk of getting left behind if they don’t embrace online conferences, meetings and events.

Canapii’s event management platform claims to offer the best feature set in the event management industry, combined with intuitive usability, and has already experienced great success, with Tech brands like HP at the forefront of its adoption.

Elliot Jakobsen, Global Marketing Manager at Canapii, is a firm believer that there are many benefits to virtual events. “The virtual arena opens us up to the world’s best speakers, giving the audience access to the very best thought leaders in their industry. With information gathering being the top priority, and without barriers to attendance, we expect attendee numbers to rise, making events even more successful. And with excellent recording and play-back capabilities, content can be repurposed and used a multitude of times by contributors,” he comments.

Canapii’s decision to offer a free basic version emulates well-known software companies like Slack, Dropbox and Zoom. The free version allows customers to try the software for as long as they like, whilst giving them the confidence to upgrade to the more functionally rich paid-for version if this suits their needs. Canapii benefits from reduced sales cost, redistributing resources towards product development and customer support.

Canapii Co-Founder, Rita Chaher, supports the decision for a free version, commenting, “We appreciate that for smaller events there is frequently no budget allocated, so trying to negotiate contracts doesn’t help anyone, and puts the events market further at risk. We want to provide companies with the opportunity to try virtual events, but then to give them the best chances of success if they do.”

You can read more about the features of the free events management software or try it now from the Canapii website.


About Canapii
Canapii provides unique solutions to manage in-person, hybrid and virtual events. As the only supplier with genuine 24/7 customer service, their global team lives and breathes events, no matter their location or size.

Canapii has over 45,000 users and is used by 5000+ companies. By being ahead of the innovation curve, they enable their customers to impress their audiences every step of the way.

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