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Candidate Engagement Leaders PathMotion Raise $3M in 2017

Funding will supercharge sales, marketing and technology teams, driving new functionality and helping employers attract and engage top talent better

10th January, 2018 PathMotion is starting 2018 by announcing that it has raised $3M in funding in a new round of investment. The employee-to-candidate engagement platform raised a million dollars during its seed phase.

Investors in this round included the Westminster Group, as well as Michael Whitfield, the co-founder of Thomsons Online Benefits with over 20 years’ experience in the HR tech sector. He joins the owner of one of the largest jobs boards in the Middle East, who invested in the previous round.

With offices in London, Paris, and New York City, PathMotion is the pioneer and leading provider of employee-to-candidate engagement software to companies including NestlĂ©, KPMG, McDonald’s, and Citi. The platform helps candidates to become more familiar with potential employers by talking directly to company employees in a private forum. This also allows the organisation to credibly gain control of their employer brand, which results in more engaged, better-matched applicants.

At Citi, where their key objective was to attract a more diverse range of applicants for their positions, 77% of candidates said their perception of the company improved after a PathMotion Live Chat. At a UK national healthcare provider, whose goal was to convince top-tier graduates to join their graduate scheme (in competition with private and public sectors), 67% of their new hires said the platform affected their decision to take the offer.

“PathMotion was born when we realised that the best way to decide which organisation to work or study at is by speaking to an ‘insider’ at these organisations. I chose my first job after a great call with an employee at that firm, who later became a seed investor in PathMotion,” says co-founder David Rivel.

PathMotion’s vision isn’t limited to talent attraction for companies - co-founder Alon Laniado says, “in an age where authenticity matters, we want to make it possible for anyone to have an authentic conversation with any type of organisation - bringing outsiders and insiders together, and thereby help organisations present themselves more credibly”.

PathMotion’s client list already includes universities, and accommodates for internal mobility (e.g. candidates considering a move from the Paris to the San Francisco office within the same organisation); the funding will allow the company to consolidate their leadership in the UK and French markets while deepening their presence in the US across all sectors. It will also pave the way for the development of new features to bring employee stories to candidates wherever they are.

Find out more about PathMotion and how the platform brings your employees and our data intelligence together to create powerful and memorable interactions at

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About PathMotion
PathMotion is a discussion platform where employees share stories and engage with candidates. It generates trusted authentic content, which is used to craft your employer brand and attract top talent, while reducing the workload on your talent attraction teams.

Organisations in 10+ sectors worldwide use the platform, including universities, whose students engage with prospective students to attract high quality applications.

About the Westminster Group
Westminster Group is the collective name for companies owned indirectly by WGT Limited, an independent company based in Jersey, and its strategic partners. Through its advisor Westminster Growth Capital Limited, an independent investment specialist focusing on private equity and venture capital investing, the Westminster Group seeks to identify opportunities to work with talented management teams in order to enhance performance, enable growth, and support value creation.