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Press Release

Cloud Gateway upgrades managed service for existing and would-be cloud-based organisations


Feedback from major UK public sector customer aids refinement

Stand no. C1824, Cloud Expo Europe, London, UK -22nd March 2018 - Technology services provider Cloud Gateway has announced significant enhancements to its managed service, which addresses some of the biggest challenges facing both organisations engaged in digital transformation projects and those already reliant on secure, dependable cloud connectivity.

The improvements to Cloud Gateway’s service have been integrated after the first twelve months of a contract with a major UK Government department, which is undergoing a major digital evolution as mandated by the Government Transformation Strategy 2017-2020. Enhancements include:

  • improved visibility, through a completely revamped portal
  • improved service management, combining best practice ITIL guidance with a state of the art VeriSM approach
  • greater choice of cloud service providers for instant, high bandwidth access, through additional strategic relationships

Justin Day, managing director at Cloud Gateway, observed: “Large organisations in particular are full of very smart, even visionary, executives who know what needs to be done and why, and are very good at the strategy. But they quickly discover that execution of a cloud strategy is a whole new ball game, requiring expensive, scarce resources and, of course, time. Our managed service affords them the opportunity to effect the move to cloud operations more quickly, more securely, while avoiding costly mistakes, and/or to maintain those operations effectively.

“In a nutshell, Cloud Gateway enables any organisation to focus on the specifics of what the organisation does or needs to do, instead of worrying about the network complexities involved in how to do it – but with full visibility and control,” he added.

Cloud Gateway manages and secures cloud connectivity while retaining and integrating any ‘must keep’ elements of legacy infrastructure. Benefits include the provision of networking expertise which is, in a cloud environment, perhaps even more important than in the pre-cloud era; and cybersecurity expertise, also a priority for any digital business.

Offering maximum flexibility to customers, Cloud Gateway’s managed service comprises a suite of highly modular, supplier-agnostic solutions, spanning:

  • connection to any cloud provider
  • the provision of future-ready infrastructure
  • network security


Notes to editors
The UK’s Government Transformation Strategy 2017-20 builds on the work of the 2012 Government Digital Strategy, which “demonstrated the potential of public service transformation by rebuilding some of the most high volume services to make them ‘digital by default’”. Its website acknowledges the complexity of digital transformation, something which is particularly common to and acute for organisations that were large and complex even before the digital era.

Cloud Gateway has been working with a [necessarily unnamed] government department for 12 months to speed its secure transformation, helping to smoothly migrate applications and services to cloud service providers, and providing both architectural and delivery skills throughout the transformation lifecycle.

About Cloud Gateway
Cloud Gateway is part of the product offering from industry experts, 6point6

6point6 is an independent award-winning technology consultancy specialising in:

  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Transformation

Its client base spans technology, media and financial services in both the private and public sectors. Since 2012 the firm has delivered over 30 major projects, including those with budgets worth more than £50 million. The company is headquartered in London, UK.

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