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Comfyballs Underwear Brand Granted US Trademark for Women's Range after Previous Rejection for Men's!


Brand deemed too rude for men in 2014, seen as acceptable for women in 2016!

One men’s underwear brand is today celebrating a landmark success that highlights a possible gender bias in the US trademarking process.

Comfyballs logo
Comfyballs logo

Undeterred by rejection by U.S. Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) in 2014 for a trademark for Comfyballs, an underwear brand launching in the UK, for its men’s pants, will now be granted a trademark for its brand but only for those products worn by women!

Comfyballs, founded in Norway in 2012, has worked long and hard to create the most comfortable boxer trunks ever made, making use of its exclusive PackageFront™ design to support and optimise comfort levels for all sizes. The UK launch and US women’s trademark highlight how serious the brand is about global penetration and improving underwear comfort.

The original men’s trademark application ran into trouble when the U.S. Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) deemed the name “offensive” and “vulgar”, despite allowing names such as “Nice Balls” and “I love my balls”. The rejection prompted brand creator and owner, Anders Selvig, to set up a “Fight for your Balls” campaign, featuring both a website and video showcasing the brand’s quest to legalise Comfyballs, which went viral and generated widespread support and global coverage.

Though the final battle has yet to be won, the brand is celebrating gaining a legal trademark in what it has discovered is a sexually backward, hyper-sensitive and confusing US trading market.

Anders Selvig, founder and Managing Director of Comfyballs, commented:
“We’re not done yet, so watch this space. Balls all over deserve better, which is why we are delighted to launch in the UK and get the USPTO trademark for women, though it’s ridiculous that Comfyballs can be deemed offensive as a brand name for men in the US. Balls are a part of a man, not a swear word, and our underpants make them comfy. End of story. We had absolutely no issues with the name in Europe and the process was very quick. This is first of what we hope will be many more victories in our mission to bring Comfyballs to the world.”

Often referred to as a “Wonderbra for balls”, the underwear has a host of USPs including balls squeeze avoidance (BSA), reduced heat transfer (RHT) and super soft environmentally friendly Oeko-Tex Certified fabric. To date, Comfyballs already boasts a number of high profile fans in its home country Norway, including 2014 Curling World Champions team Ulsrud.

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About Comfyballs
Comfyballs is a Norwegian underwear brand. Motivated by the lack of functionality and innovation in men's underwear, product development began in Oslo in 2012. Comfyballs has developed what they believe to be the most comfortable boxer trunks ever made, working long and hard to find the perfect cut.

Comfyballs trunks are tailored using flat-lock seams and super soft Oeko-Tex certified fabrics for superior comfort and breathability. All models incorporate their own PackageFront™ designed for ultimate comfort by reducing heat transfer and restricting movement.

The brand has been a Norwegian "secret" until now and there are happy Comfyballs users around the world. Find out more here: