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Compleo to Intensify Sales Efforts in Switzerland

  • Compleo’s collaboration with DISA Elektro will enable rapid expansion into the Swiss market
  • Business development to focus on charging solutions for company fleets and car dealerships
  • Current market development is driving growth of the charging point manufacturer

Dortmund, 28 October 2020 – Leading provider of charging solutions for electric vehicles Compleo continues its systematic growth course in Europe. The greentech company from Dortmund is entering the Swiss market. Compleo will collaborate with DISA Elektro AG, a company domiciled in central Switzerland, which will be taking on a local sales, customer support and maintenance role for Compleo’s charging solutions. Environmental friendly technology, which will facilitate the switch to sustainable mobility, is currently receiving strong political and economic backing in both Switzerland and Germany.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of climate change and making the switch to electric vehicles. While registrations of new combustion engine vehicles have decreased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of electric vehicles has continued to increase. Current market developments show that there is a huge demand for electric vehicles meaning that comprehensive charging infrastructure is essential. The increase in demand has led to more and more electric vehicles on the market, and the range is continuously increasing. In this climate, companies in Europe are looking to facilitate sustainable mobility for their staff and customers and therefore require a reliable solution for electric vehicles. The market conditions for charging solutions and electro mobility are actually at a turning point in Switzerland as well. According to Auto Schweiz (the Association of Official Automobile Importers), registrations of cars with alternative engines achieved a market share of 34.9 percent in September 2020. 20.2 percent were electric cars and plug-in hybrids, which can be charged via the power grid. The demand for charging solutions and stations is rising accordingly.

Focus on charging solutions for company fleets and car dealerships
Car dealerships are also more and more open to the idea of electro mobility and can show potential customers who want to switch to electric vehicles how the charging process works using their own charging points. The charging solutions are on site where customers spend time – at the point of sale. Compleo’s Cito 240 (DC 24 kW) and Cito 500 (DC 50 kW) charging points have been developed especially for the needs of logistics and company fleets as well as car dealerships, and stand out due to their efficient and scalable load management. Along with the DC charging points, both models offer an AC charging point with up to 22 kW, which means the different charging capacities of various electric vehicles are supported.

Market potential favours expansion
Experts of Transport & Environment see massive market potential in the electromobility segment. In 2019, there were 175,000 publicly accessible charging points in the EU. This number is expected to grow to 2.2 million by 2030. Growing environmental awareness and the desire for emission-free mobility are encouraging this boost. “Current market developments show that there is a huge demand for electro mobility, which means that comprehensive charging point infrastructure is essential. By collaborating with DISA, we would like to continue promoting the expansion of charging points on the Swiss market,” said Georg Griesemann, Co-CEO and CFO at Compleo. “The number of electric cars in Switzerland continues to rise. Comprehensive nationwide charging infrastructure is required to charge these vehicles. With its innovative strength, Compleo has set quality standards in Germany and Europe for 11 years. We want to do more to offer our customers in Switzerland the same”, added Guido Bachmann, Director of DISA Elektro AG.

In order to meet the challenges of European market dynamics, Compleo has changed its legal form from a limited liability company (GmbH) into a joint-stock company (Aktiengesellschaft; AG). The greentech company just completed its IPO on the Frankfurt stock exchange in recent weeks. Compleo will be using the majority of the net proceeds to extend its product capacities, expanding to new sites for production facilities, company headquarters, research and development centers and testing equipment.

About Compleo
Compleo is a leading provider of charging solutions for electric vehicles. The company provides support to complete solution providers with its charging stations and, if required, in the planning, installation, maintenance, servicing and back-end maintenance of charging infrastructure. Compleo’s range includes both AC and DC charging stations and its DC charging points are the first on the market to comply with weights and measures legislation. The company develops and manufactures all products at its Dortmund site. It builds upon innovation, safety, consumer convenience and cost efficiency. Customers include Allego, E.ON, EWE Go, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens and more than 150 municipal utilities across Germany. Compleo began producing its first charging stations in 2009. The high-growth company has its headquarters in Dortmund and currently employs 200 people. More information can be found under

About DISA Elektro AG
DISA Elektro AG has made a name for itself as a flexible provider of a full range of services, from consultation, engineering and construction to production, logistics, assembly and services. Its client base includes representatives from the entire industrial sector, installation technology and mobility and logistics. DISA focuses on customer-specific tasks, economic solutions and customer-oriented, personal service. DISA is capable of developing and implementing complete solutions from mechanical construction, DMS applications and electronic design right up to specific software (such as measurement data logging). DISA began producing and developing electrical components in 1948. The company’s headquarters is in Sarnen, Switzerland, and currently employs 35 people in the fields of software and hardware development as well as in the production of electric components and measurement systems. It operates an accredited calibration laboratory. More information can be found under

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