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Computime and Naka Mobile partner to power Koko GPS Watch and provide parental peace of mind

Naka Mobile‘s global network coverage delivers constant connectivity globally, with no hidden roaming cost surprises

Buchs, Switzerland, 15 February 2017 – Naka Mobile, a global mobile telecommunication and technology company, today announced a partnership with Computime, the global manufacturing, technology and brand distribution company, to provide best-in-class global connectivity for its Koko GPS Watches.

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The Koko GPS Watch is designed with child safety top-of-mind. Features include a built-in alert button, route history tracker with playback and location monitoring for constant communication between parents and children. Messaging options enable easy communication between parents and children. Alongside this, geo-fencing capabilities provide an additional layer of protection, ensuring children do not leave agreed safe-zones, which is especially important in busy environments.

Naka’s International SIM card works to provide the Koko GPS Watch with the best possible network coverage based on signal strength in any given location. This constant connectivity to the best local network at any moment is hugely important, making certain the Koko GPS Watch is always online, removing any concerns around losing contact between family members due to network failings and coverage blackspots.

“Connectivity is the fuel that our GPS Watch runs on, and in order to be at its absolute best, parents need to know that they will always be able to stay in touch with their children,” said Norman Lee, General Manager at Computime. “Our partnership with Naka Mobile ensures that we are providing parents with the greatest connectivity at all times at the best possible rates. With this new venture there is no risk or worry involved, just safety and peace of mind.”

“Whether it’s playing in the local park with friends, going to school or travelling abroad and exploring new places on holiday, parents want to know that their child is safe. However, while you can’t put a price on peace of mind, you can put a price on data roaming costs. Our partnership with Computime means that wherever you are, the Koko GPS Watch will always enjoy the best possible coverage while you benefit from the best possible data pricing. This is peace of mind for both your family, and your wallet,” said Achilles Rupf, CEO at Naka Mobile.

Naka Mobile has proven industry experience in providing best-in-class technology and enhancing global connectivity, delivering a comprehensive virtualised end-to-end infrastructure though one International SIM card. It offers the most competitive network roaming, providing end-users with complete IoT connectivity in over 180 countries.

Computime is a diversified global manufacturing, technology and brand distribution company. It design and manufacture a wide range of electronic products for industrial, commercial and consumer markets around the globe.

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About Naka Mobile
Naka AG is a technology company specialising in mobile telecommunication systems. It develops and operates the unique multiple International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) network platform as well as the corresponding SIM card technology with multiple Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number (MSISDN). NAKA offers mobile network operators, mobile virtual network operators and companies the opportunity to offer competitive global mobile services to their customers in over 180 countries. It offers turn-key global mobile solutions that includes data, voice and e-wallet solutions to their partners. The group headquarter is based in Hong Kong. More subsidiaries of the group are located in Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands and Spain.

About Computime
Computime is a diversified global manufacturing, technology and brand distribution company. Its unique combination of global expertise, ingenuity, analytics and financial performance has contributed to its success. It designs and manufactures a wide range of electronic products for industrial, commercial and consumer markets through its Control Solutions and SALUS divisions. Computime Group has approximately 5,000 employees and 12 offices worldwide.

About Koko
Koko works to deliver the latest technology focused products. As a vastly experienced player in the telecommunication industry, Koko is constantly innovating to find easy ways to bring its leading services to customers. Its flagship, GPS Watches are a dependable and resolute solution for children and parents alike, with a configurable security-zone and real-time locating.

Media contact:
Muni Garcha
AxiCom for Naka Mobile
T: +44 20 7559 5639